How to bring the height of trendiness and fashion to your phone

Fashion has always had a big influence on society. Women are mainly the ones that follow certain trends but in recent years, men have started paying attention to fashion as well. Fashion and trends change over time, sometimes drastically. Each decade had people dressing in specific ways and each of those styles has its own story. If you love fashion and anything related to trends, then you probably want to be as close to them as possible, and what better way to do this than by using fashion apps on your phone. Here are a few apps that bring the height of trendiness and fashion to your phone!

Shopbop (iOS, Android; Free)

This app has a great selection of various fashion items that are trendy now, as well as accessories that go with these items. You can keep track of your favorite items by ‘hearting’ them, and you can modify which alerts you want your phone to receive.

Shopstyle (iOS, Android; Free)

Shopstyle is one of the most popular apps when it comes to searching for trending clothing articles. The app itself lets you connect with around 1400 brands. The main benefit of this app is that everything is available in one place, so the next time you want to add something to your wardrobe, check out Shopstyle!

Etsy (iOS, Android; Free)

Most of our readers are already familiar with Etsy but did you know that the app makes it even better? Thanks to this app, shopping for accessories and fashion items has never been easier. You’ll even be able to find various hand-crafted gifts that aren’t usually featured in apps like this!


GILT (iOS, Android; Free)

GILT prides itself with its 10 million members. And these people definitely know what’s good since the app has many flash-sales and items are constantly on discount. You’ll be able to find home decor, clothes, accessories, even tickets to special events!

Rent the Runway (iOS; Free)

If you don’t feel like spending vast amounts of money on new dresses, shirts, pants, and skirts – this is the app for you. Thanks to Rent the Runway, you’ll be able to rent clothing items for only a small part of their original price. So, if you have an important event coming up but you don’t feel like wearing the same clothes in the future, Rent the Runway is your best bet!

Games (iOS, Android; Paid/Free)

“What are games doing on this list?”, you might be asking yourself right now. We understand that games aren’t exactly related to fashion but they themselves are great examples of trends and the most popular games nowadays follow these trends. There are even fashion games that are tons of fun! And while Console and PC games constantly evolve and trends change, mobile phone games evolve much slower. The backbone of mobile gaming are classics such as solitaire, pinball, bingo, poker, and many others.



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