My ultimate spa day

There are few things that I enjoy more than a full-blown spa day. There’s just something so lush about being pampered, and since it’s not something that I enjoy all that often, it makes it all the more special when I do choose to pamper myself.

The best spa day I ever had was actually in Cambodia. I forget the name of the spa, but it was located in Siem Reap, and I found myself going back again and again, and even took my mother there when we visited the following year.

The spa was so relaxing. As soon as we walked in, the girls working there took our shoes and immediately gave us a little foot bath, complete with scrub and massage. When I returned the following year with my mum, I was going to the spa for my birthday and she bought me a package, which included a scrub, facial, and massage. I’ve never felt that pampered before, and entered the spa feeling incredibly excited about the treatments that were to come.relaxation-686392_960_720First, my feet were cleaned and massaged, and I was given some comfortable slippers to wear. Next, I was lead to the treatment room which had relaxing music playing, and smelled lightly or flowers and incense. The girl who would be giving me the treatments was so nice, although a little shy, but we had no problems communicating.

We started with the scrub, and my entire body was rubbed and slathered with a slightly sweet smelling mixture. This exfoliation sloughs off dead skin, increases circulation, and opens pores for the next stage of the treatment.

After my scrub, I was directed into a clean, comfortable shower, which had one of those lovely raindrop shower heads. I rinsed off and dried, and then lay down for the next part of my treatment. I was given a full body massage, and it was bliss. I don’t like a lot of pressure, just enough to get into my muscles and loosen them up a bit while still being relaxing, so I typically choose oil aromatherapy massages, and this one was amazing. I could choose my own scent, and I chose vanilla as it makes me think of cookies and I’ve always been attracted to the smell.


Finally, when I had been massaged into a ball of goo, it was time to take care of my face. My skin had broken out, probably from the sweat, dust, humidity, and the fact that I was pretty lazy when it came to taking care of it.

The facial was designed to clear acne, relax the facial muscles, and provide hydration. I had never had a facial before and I loved it. Along with an exfoliation and many creams and lotions, I was given a face mask which was allowed to set while I had a head massage.

I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a number of spa days since then, and I would say that one of the things that makes one spa stand out from another is the salon supplies. The higher the quality of supplies, the better the experience, so be sure to choose a spa that takes the quality of their supplies seriously. Have a look at this ebook Ellisons_Spa eBook for more details. 

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