How Broadband has Changed the World

I don’t know about you, but when I have no internet, it’s almost as bad as having no electricity. I feel completely cut off from civilisation, and I have no idea how to keep myself entertained. Almost everything I do relies on the internet in some way, and wifi is especially important since I work from home.

Personally, decent broadband connections have allowed me to work from anywhere I like- from New Zealand to Thailand, to Guatemala, and Budapest, I can connect with my clients and complete work from home, coffee shops, or restaurants.

And this is the same for many people, with the freelance and remote work lifestyle taking off. Much of it is thanks to businesses such as, which allow us to work from anywhere.


Back in 2013, when Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo told employees they were only allowed to work in the office, she greatly surprised the startup world.

Before then, flexible working had seemed like an obvious choice for most CEOs and business owners. Staff are happier, more efficient, and more productive when they have the option for remote work.

Mayer was trying to make sure that all employees were capable of collaborating successfully and working together as a team. But for businesses that have been using broadband to their advantage and getting behind flexible working, they already know that there are many ways to ensure that teamwork happens successfully while using technology.

Due to the massive leaps and bounds in broadband, the working world has been forever changed. Gone are the days when many business owners and employees would need to travel for face-to-face meetings, as they can now video conference with ease. Workers can get online wherever they are, scheduling appointments, checking emails, loading up Google Docs for sharing and collaboration, and making video calls.

This technology also means that we’re no longer confined to our offices. We can easily head down to coffee shops, green spaces, or our dining rooms to talk to the CEO or make edits to those spreadsheets. Broadband has ensured that remote working is not just possible, but it’s preferred, and it employees interests are prioritised.

Video conferencing is one of the biggest game changes for flexible working. Thanks to superfast broadband, we no longer need to put up with unreliable, jumpy video streams. Now, FaceTime, Skype, and Google Hangouts are a breeze, and we can easily talk to clients and bosses while away from the office without worrying that the video will cut out.

We’re also working from multiple devices. You can start work on your laptop, add some notes on your tablet, and then edit on your smartphone while commuting home. Being able to use these devices has made it even easier to engage in flexible working. And there’s little doubt that broadband will continue to change the world in the future.

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