3 Must-Try Activities When Traveling Alone in Singapore

One of the best travel destinations in Asia is Singapore. This modern city has a lot to offer to visitors of all ages. There is nothing to regret once you choose this amazing country as your travel destination. Spending your vacation here will certainly be one for the books.

The highly developed and economically stable country of Singapore is also one of the safest places to travel alone. If you are planning to go on a trip on your own, then it is best to plan your getaway here ahead of time. Just make sure that you have a travel insurance in Singapore to protect yourself no matter what happens during your stay there. It will make you secured even when you are away from home.

In fact, there is nothing to worry about being alone in this interesting country because there are tons of things you can see and do while here. So, here are some exciting activities you can try out alone when in Singapore:

Shop ’til you drop

Undoubtedly, one of the best things to do in Singapore is shopping. There are plenty of shopping districts around the city and the most popular one is the Orchard Road. In case you want to shop for more affordable items, then head to Bugis Street or Haji Lane.  You can splurge on the latest gadgets, fashion items, makeup, souvenirs, and other stuff. However, you have to remember that you are all alone here, so consider if you can still bring these back home.

Indulge in great food

Another great thing to do when in Singapore is to explore its food scene. The country is known for its outstanding dining experience with different cuisines. Although the price for eating out can be costly, you can still choose to dine in the city’s famous hawkers or food courts. Basically, hawkers are covered halls with common seating serving Singaporean dishes. You will surely experience eating authentic and delicious local cuisine in these places and save a lot as well.

Be one with nature

If you are a nature lover, then there are plenty of activities for you in Singapore. You can go hiking, biking, birding, or running at the city’s nature parks and simply be one with nature. The Jurong Bird Park and Dairy Farm Nature Park are open for visitors, so try going to these places and enjoy the stunning view. It will certainly be an enjoyable and interesting day for tripping solo.

Traveling alone in a particular city can be challenging, full of fun, and at the same time a bit scary. There will always be that little fear you will feel when you are in a city for the first time all by yourself. However, you can overcome it if you choose a safe destination like Singapore. As long as you respect and abide by the country’s rules and regulations, you won’t be having a problem. Simply take into considerations these travel tips specified above to make your Singapore journey more memorable even if you are just on your own.

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