Choosing a Jacuzzi Bath for your Home

If you’ve always wanted to include a Jacuzzi bath in your bathroom, you need to consider some essential things before making a final decision – to make sure you get the right bath and avoid any unnecessary expense dealing with unexpected issues during or after installation.

How will it fit in the bathroom?

Measuring the dimensions of your bathroom is essential so that you can plan where the Jacuzzi bath will be best positioned. You need to understand the overall space you have and any additional space that will be created by removal of walls or other old fixtures as part of a bathroom remodel.

It’s not just the size of the bath you need to consider, but also the surrounding base or deck into which it will be dropped – as most models are designed as sunken tubs. Make sure you allow for this additional space all round the tub. Also take into account any space you want to include for books, candles, aromatic oils, or even wine glasses on the surround, too.


How can I get it through the door?

One of the most commonly overlooked issues when it comes to a Jacuzzi bath is the simple task of getting it into the bathroom – through the bathroom door. While you may have carefully measured up to make sure the tub will fit well in the bathroom – getting it through the door can often cause problems. Generally, it’s not an issue for a new build bathroom as the tub can be installed before doors and walls are completed – but if you’re remodelling, make sure the tub will fit through the door.

How much does it weigh?

In the case of remodeling an upstairs bathroom, this is an essential consideration. A Jacuzzi generally has a greater capacity than a regular bath – the additional weight of extra water and bather(s) needs to be taken into consideration as it could be significantly heavier than previously. If necessary, flooring support may be required; which should be carried out prior to installation.

Plumbing and electrical

Those wonderfully relaxing bubbles don’t just magically appear in a Jacuzzi – you’ll need to ensure that your plumbing and electrical installations in the bathroom are adequate to accommodate the water pump, heater and any other essential elements depending on the model and design of the Jacuzzi you select.

These don’t always need to be installed directly under or next to the tub itself, so check all requirements before making a final decision and if necessary consult an expert so that you can best plan the installation of any necessary pipework and electrical supplies for pumps, etc.

Installing a Jacuzzi bath in your home is a great choice. Just make sure you plan it well to ensure you don’t end up spending more on your remodel than you expected and to ensure you can enjoy your new Jacuzzi to the full.





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