How To Really Start Showing Yourself Some Love

The world is full of all kinds of pressures and trials. We live in so much of a self-determinist culture that we can easily believe that we are at the center of it. Not just that everything is either and opportunity or a risk to us. But that we are in control and responsible for everything in our lives. If we’re the masters of our destiny, then we’re also the ones to blame. That culture has created a lot of disillusioned, unconfident and downtrodden people. However, we can shatter the illusion by showing ourselves some love. We do that with the following methods.


Don’t let the worst people stay in your life

One of the reasons that so many of us have this belief of self-fulfilling our own flaws is that we have people telling us that’s the case. We find toxic relationships that don’t add to our lives, but only tears us down a piece at a time. Self-help expert Karen Salmansohn extends this to our relationships, too. She says that we can focus too much on wish lists of partner expectations that we ignore the feeling we get from them instead. By focusing on what we perceive to be benefits, we can ignore the real damage they can do to us.

Change your environment from time to time

Sometimes, we just need a recharge. We need distance from our stresses and our day-to-day routines. Stress and pressure can be good to help us achieve things. We can utilize their energy for positive purposes. When we let them cloud over us, however, they can become all consumer. They can become the Most Important Thing ™. Taking the occasional break can help us get a lot of perspective. It can also give us the distance to find solutions where it previously seemed like there were none.


Take care of yourself

It can be difficult to feel like we love ourselves if we find a lot to be critical of. If we don’t take care of ourselves and come to love the bodies we’re in, we instead grow to loathe them. The plan of attack is two pronged. We should work to become healthier and take better care of ourselves, physically, yes. However, we should also learn how to become more body positive. To surround ourselves in people who are body positive and recognize that not all of our aspirations are fair or even realistic to ourselves.

Do some good

Perception is everything to people. It’s a cycle we can’t get away from. We validate our existence and what that existence means often from the effects and perceptions of those around us. To start really feeling good about ourselves, we need to create the good perception of ourselves. We need to be proactive and start doing things that make us seem and thus feel good. Even if it’s a small bit of kindness every day. Self-validation is a hard thing to create, but becoming a presence for good in the world is one of the key ingredients.


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