How to dazzle in a dress on the casino floor

No matter what an evening out with entail, one thing remains constant that women always want to look their best. One of the night out spot that’s gaining more interest is a casino thanks to popularity of mobile casinos and various reviews ensuring the legitimacy of the casino – for example here is a quick review of the Ruby Fortune Casino by However when it comes to visiting an actual casino, one thing you need to keep in mind is the dress code, many women have been depicted in glamourous attire within various casino themed movies although this is typically far from reality. The tips below will help women know what to wear to casino if it has a dress code or not.


If the evening out will be at what is considered an upper class casino, then being well-dressed could potentially get a lady better service. The outfit of choice should be tasteful, stylish and generally in a business casual style. This gives women quite a range to choose from. A skirt and blouse would be appropriate. However, dresses are another option. At an upper class casino, even a knee length cocktail dress is ideal. For instance, that little black dress would be appropriate so long as the neckline isn’t too plunging and the hem not too short. Shoes should be stylish as well. However, consider the amount of walking you may do and choose wisely. You don’t want to find your aching feet distracting you from an intense game of poker. Avoid wearing overly casual clothes.

On the other hand, some casinos may be a bit more casual in the evening. Jeans can be appropriate. However, a word of caution when selecting a pair is to avoid choosing a pair that has rips and holes. This may be in style but never looks good when visiting a casino, dress code or not. More casual choices in footwear are acceptable but never wear flip-flops or similar styles. Also, big bags may be in vogue but when around a blackjack table, your fellow players may find the cumbersome bag to be rather annoying.

Before heading out for the evening, consult the specific casino to get the best advice on how to dress.

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