How To Plan An Unforgettable New York City Break In 5 Easy Steps

You may have seen New York hundreds of times in the movies, but nothing prepares you for the wonders of this unique city. A thriving metropolis that never sleeps, there’s something incredibly special about the Big Apple. There are sights around every corner and an electrifying atmosphere. If you’re desperate to visit, here are five easy steps to help you plan an unforgettable trip.

  1. Find your flights

If you’re traveling to New York, you’ll probably find that the flights are the most expensive part of the holiday. Search online and compare prices from different airlines. Try and be flexible with your dates and times. If you’re looking to save money on flights, try and travel out of season. Prices tend to soar around Christmas and New Year and during school holidays.


  1. Book your accommodation

Once you have travel dates in mind, look around for deals on accommodation. There are loads of different options in NYC, including hotels, hostels, and apartments. There is something to suit every budget. If you’re going for a few days, you could also consider doing a home swap or renting out somebody’s holiday home. Search online for details. If you are booking a hotel, look out for coupons and discount codes. Sometimes, you can also save money by booking your flight and hotel together.

  1. Organize a transfer

When you land, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to get from the airport to your hotel. Try and arrange transfers before you travel. This will eliminate any stress, and it usually also saves you money. You could book a private transfer, or share a minibus or a coach with other travelers. This is a cheaper option.

  1. Plan your itinerary

This is the fun part! Get your guidebooks at the ready, and trawl through some travel blogs. Draw up some plans and make sure you include everything you’re desperate to see. Work out how you’re going to get from one attraction to another. Often, it’s possible to walk. You could also consider hailing a cab, getting the bus, or using the subway. Bus travel is better than subway travel if you have a set itinerary in mind. Tourist buses will take you on a loop, and you can hop on and off as you please.

  1. Book your attractions tickets and passes

Once you know what you want to do, look into booking passes and tickets. In some cases, it may be best to book in advance. If you want to catch a popular Broadway show, for example, it’s advisable to reserve seats as soon as possible. If you’re planning to visit all the best-sellers, you may be able to save money by buying a city sightseeing pass.

If you’re visiting New York this year, planning a trip doesn’t have to be stressful. Take these tips on board, plan in advance, and work out what you want to do, and how you’re going to get around. If you do a bit of preparatory work, you can then relax and make the most of every minute you have in the city that never sleeps.

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