How to dress your other half for a day

Pretend for a second that your other half has allowed you to dress them up for the day – fantastic, right!? You can finally get them to ditch those jogging pants and style them up the way you want to. Fortunately, it’s easy and affordable to get your man in some stylish threads.

If you manage to impress, there’s a good chance they’ll let you get the final say in all their important outfits, so you don’t have to dread that football shirt appearing at family dinners ever again.

Here are our top suggestions to nail your other half’s new favourite outfit.



Nothing is more fashionable than a man in a properly styled suit jacket. Paired with trousers or jeans, you’ll need a lighter option for summer. Enter the linen blazer, which can be styled with virtually anything. In navy, it suits black jeans and a white shirt, while in stone, it adds elegance to almost any combo.


A good shirt is a fashion staple and the best way to make him smarten up in a hurry. A plain white oxford shirt with a grandad collar is the best choice for summer, as the lack of a proper collar helps keep him cool while the neutral colour is perfect for pairing with lots of different options.

For a more casual look, a short-sleeved denim shirt works well with lighter pants.



So you’ve decked him out in a blazer and shirt – what have you forgotten? Oh, the pants!…Jokes aside, what you place on your loved one’s lower half is a big decision as it can literally make or break an outfit.

Pair lighter coloured chinos with a navy blazer to create a timeless style that’ll have him looking handsome enough to wow your friends at a party, or tone things tone with dark denim and a white oxford shirt on its own.


When it comes to styling a fashionable, smart outfit for summer occasions, the brogue is a must have. Whether you wear them with chinos, trousers or jeans, a good pair of wingtip formal brogues go with everything. If it’s too warm or too casual, light canvas trainers like Converse pair up well with jeans.


If you’re trying to dress up smart, men’s accessories provide the finishing touches to an outfit. From a pocket square in a blazer to a leather belt, you’ll be in charge of making the final, lasting touch to your other half’s outfit. A smart watch also lends a hand in making the final impression. If you do treat him to a watch, he may be more inclined to let you style him again.


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