Why gaming is not just for men anymore

One of the positive outcomes of the Gamergate controversy is the realization that women make up a huge section of the gaming population. People have often believed that gaming is predominantly a male affair with teenage boys being the biggest participants. These beliefs are gradually being eroded as numerous studies prove that women comprise one of the largest gaming demographics in the US.

Surprisingly many women who play games do not consider themselves gamers. One reason for this is that the term gamer only recently entered mainstream use and there are still discrepancies on who exactly a gamer is. These days the term refers to any person who plays games, regardless of the device used. Originally, it was exclusively reserved for individuals who mainly played action-packed, strategy-based games on PCs, Xboxes or PlayStations. It has gradually evolved to embrace those who prefer puzzles, casino, trivia games and such on smartphones, tablets or other devices.


Rise of female gamers

While the true definition of gamer is up for debate, there is no denying the fact that gaming is an enjoyable pastime for millions across the globe. Thanks to the advent of the Internet and technological advancements, people now have a rich buffet of games to choose from. Individuals no longer have to purchase any expensive gaming consoles to indulge in their favorite games since they can easily access them on their mobile devices.

Online gaming has been a boon to female gamers. The anonymity of playing online coupled with the plethora of games available means that women too can spend hours lost in their online reality. Anonymity shields them from the harassment that they would otherwise undergo should their genders become known. It also allows them to select diverse characters in most of these games.

Online gaming has also opened up new opportunities for female gamers. For instance, those who liked gambling and traditional card games might have felt shy about heading to brick-and-mortar casinos due to the negative perception these types of games receive. Nowadays however, online casinos have placed the games within reach of most women.


Those interested in taking a turn at the slot machines only have to log onto the Internet to find the best casino websites to play slots online. Websites even provide reviews of the games, bonuses and jackpots on offer at different casinos. This makes it easy for players to compare the sites and finally choose those that meet their preferences.

To their credit, game developers have noticed the increase in women gamers and are now crafting games specifically targeted at this demographic. In the past, female characters in games only served as background d├ęcor or filler material. They were relegated to minor roles and were often cast as damsels in distress. This is changing as developers come up with stronger female characters with more active major roles in games. More women are therefore attracted to these games since they identify with these characters.

The gaming industry is dynamic and is set to undergo additional changes as people from all walks of life take up gaming. The best is definitely yet to come.

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