Facts and Helpful Tips about the Amount of Water Required for Showers and Baths

When you want to be a responsible steward of the resources that make the UK great you can begin by controlling the water consumption in your home. Did you know that you can buy showers and showerheads that help you to save water? Also, there are some fabulous tips for using the right amount of water for the appropriate amount of time when you bathe. Water efficiency is an excellent commitment that you and your family members can make to protect our natural resources for coming generations. Enjoy the facts presented below and use the tips offered to help your home become more water efficient.

  • Beginning with showers, did you know that a shower lasting eight minutes will use about 62 litres of water? If you have a power shower you’ll be using about 136 litres of water. So taking a shower will use a bit more water than a bath, but if you cut the time that you shower down to about four minutes you can reduce the water that is used to about 32 litres. Because your shower will use hot water this will increase your energy bill as well which means that cutting down your shower time will save more money for your household finances. An average bath will use about 80 litres of water.
  • When you are shopping for a bath or shower make sure that you buy one made from quality materials. If the bath is constructed with a commitment to quality, the material will hold heat longer and you can enjoy your bath without having to add more hot water. The Carron Quantum Bath collection offers you a combination of both shower and bath in one package that accommodates your personal preference for bathing. The quality is remarkable, the warranty is exceptional, and the service that you’ll get from this package will give you great value for the money that you spend.
  • Some tips for saving water in the tub are to fill the bath with just enough water to bathe properly and to get into the bath immediately instead of doing other things whilst the water cools down.
  • Tips for saving water whilst showering are to take shorter showers and invest in a showerhead that’s water efficient. Check with your local suppliers for accessories that can make your bath enjoyable with less amounts of water. Jets, massage heads, and handheld showerheads can help you to enjoy your shower whilst still saving water.
  • Always monitor children who are bathing so that you can limit the time of their showers and watch to see that they don’t continually add more water to the bathtub. Children should never be allowed to run their own bath water or to enter a shower and set the water flow themselves. Adult supervision will ensure safety as well as limit water consumption.

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