Reasons why Laser Eye Surgery is the better option than the Opticians

Despite advances in technology, corrective laser eye surgery remains a procedure that is all too often pursued by a minority of short and long sighted individuals alike. This is perfectly understandable when one considers how our eyesight is perhaps the most important of our senses, and would explain why so many put up with wearing contact lenses and glasses as opposed to going “under the laser”. After all, the prospect of irreparable damage as a result of corrective laser eye surgery is enough to put people off the whole idea from the outset.

However, while these widely held concerns are undoubtedly legitimate, they are mostly unfounded and far from being true. In fact if the popular misconception, stigma and suspicion attached to corrective laser eye surgery were to be completely put to one side, there is a case to be made that this little understood (and relatively minor procedure) is in fact a much better option in rectifying faulty vision than conventional contact lenses and glasses.

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Primarily on a purely economic level, corrective laser eye surgery will undoubtedly save an individual money, and in the long term lots of it! We all know how expensive visiting the opticians can be, especially when your eyesight is naturally deteriorating at an accelerated rate. After all, following the often expensive cost of an initial eye examination, those with faulty vision can expect to be purchasing corrective glasses or contact lenses that will hit their pockets hard.

Furthermore, if an individual wishes to wear particularly fashionable glasses, such as with a branded name, they can expect to foot a bill running into three figures and beyond. Corrective laser eye surgery solves this irritating, long term and expensive dilemma of constantly needing to update corrective eyewear, by removing the need for such eyewear in the first place. By restoring near twenty/twenty vision, corrective laser eye surgery is undoubtedly a short term expense with long term value.

Corrective laser eye surgery is also clinically proven to last a lot longer than conventional methods of correcting long and short-sightedness. Unlike those who wear glasses, contact lenses or indeed both, corrective laser eye surgery removes the need to have regular eye examinations. The fact that it restores near normal eyesight to an individual for decades ensures that, should an individual choose to, that same individual can skip those annoying yearly eye tests altogether. This is perhaps not recommended as eye tests can be useful in diagnosing underlying conditions such as diabetes, macular degeneration and glaucoma, but if corrective laser eye surgery has perfected an individual’s eyesight for the long term, there is a case to be made that there is no primary reason why that individual would want to visit the opticians in the first place.

In addition, from a purely practical point of view, corrective treatments done at a reputable clinic for laser eye surgery melbourne (or indeed elsewhere more relevant) is a far better way of dealing with faulty vision than conventional methods of treating poor eyesight. By removing the need to wear glasses or contact lenses, individuals who have undergone corrective laser eye surgery can expect to live a much simpler and less stressful life. After all, for many people burdened with wearing thickset glasses or indeed fiddly contact lenses, the simplest of things such as playing sports, driving a car or indeed swimming can become a chore in itself. Sometimes it is easy for those of us who do not have the burden of glasses or contact lenses to forget just how annoying it must be for an individual to lose their glasses during a football match, or misplace a contact lens when returning from a swimming pool. If these poor individuals underwent corrective laser eye surgery their lives would surely be made a lot easier and hassle free!

All things considered, unlike going to the opticians and being lumbered with short term resolutions for a long term problem, corrective laser eye surgery actually deals with the problem itself as opposed to the problem’s symptoms. After all, the most impressive benefit of corrective laser eye surgery is the fact that it actually eliminates the short and long sightedness that blights an individual’s vision outright. Put simply, the fact that this relatively painless procedure is clinically proven to restore normal vision is perhaps the biggest reason why individuals who suffer with poor eyesight should opt to “go under the laser” as opposed to being made dependent upon the “treatment” offered by the opticians.

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