How to feel more confident in the gym

Whether you’re hankering for a serious workout, or just want to lose a little bit of weight, the gym is the ideal place to be. Unfortunately, you won’t get far without confidence in yourself – something that a gym environment can strip away quite easily if you aren’t careful. Here’s our list of ways to feel more confident in the gym:

Know why you’re there

You are the most important person in your own workout session. Know why you’re there, what you want to achieve, and how to achieve it – don’t rely on other people’s expectations or desires to drive you, or you’ll crash and burn really fast.

Even the act of joining a gym shows that you’re trying to improve, and there’s no such thing as somebody being “not good enough” for the gym. After all, that’s why you’re there: to improve.


Bring a friend

If you’ve got friends that like to exercise, or who are already at a gym, consider teaming up to work out together. Having somebody to talk to and compete with can really bump up your confidence, and you might even be able to convince a whole group of your friends to sign up!

Making new friends might also come naturally to you at the gym, especially since you’re all there for the same reason – don’t be afraid to ask for advice or tell help somebody out from time to time.

Don’t settle for mediocre clothes

Your gym clothes are one of the most vital parts of any workout, because a good gym outfit can make you feel amazing! If you aren’t comfortable in your gym clothes, or even if they just feel a little mis-sized, get new ones.

There are tonnes of workout clothing brands that are coming out with sylish and innovative items that can improve performance, whilst making you look your best, in fact, each generation of sports clothes seems to be more comfortable and versatile than the last. The more flexible and lightweight you feel in your gym clothes, the more flexible and lightweight you can actually be – and you’ll be more confident around others who are working out, too!

Use what suits you best

The professionals use all sorts of gadgets and specially-ordered clothing to get the edge they need and push them towards being the best of the best. Unless you’re following in their footsteps, for your own comfort and safety, don’t set yourself on the same path.

Electronic monitoring tools and professional-level sports supplements aren’t going to instantly push you into the top tiers of fitness overnight, especially if you’re not keen on owning them in the first place. Casual exercise is supposed to be about improvement at your own pace, under your own standards – committing to using gear, workout routines or clothes that don’t suit your preferred style of workout will just make you feel like you aren’t supposed to be there.

Find your own patterns, and don’t be afraid to show pride in figuring it out for yourself.

Choose an appealing environment

Choosing one gym, hating it and swearing off gyms entirely is a huge mistake, one that hundreds of people make each year. It’s absolutely fine to work out at home, especially if you genuinely don’t like gyms, but don’t consider gyms a lost cause until you’ve tried all the ones you can reach.

Most public gyms are meant to be accessible places where you can exercise in peace, no matter whether you’re there in some high-quality women’s fitness clothing or an old t-shirt and shorts. In a more professional gym, this might be frowned upon, so do your research and play it safe!

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