Five of the best destinations for your next girls holiday

No matter what your idea of a holiday is, it’s hard to deny that a full girls-only vacation can be a great way to relax and spend some time with your closest friends – as long as you pick the right destination. With the help of travel comparison experts, Compare and Choose, we’ve rounded up the five best destinations for your next girls holiday.


Despite its reputation, theres far more to Amsterdam than legal drugs and prostitution! Beautiful countryside and fantastic historical buildings mix together perfectly with the over-the-top nightlife and the well-known red light district, making it a city that can cater to any kind of holiday!

Whether you’re there to party 24/7 or looking for a relaxing week of coffee and cycling, Amsterdam is not only able to provide the perfect holiday, but it can offer something new no matter where in the world you’re coming from!


Ibiza, Spain

If you’re wanting to show off your new beach body at the world’s biggest party island, Ibiza has you covered! Its world-famous nightlife attracts all kinds of popular artists, so you can kick back in the sunshine, whilst enjoying great music.  Plus, the island’s government requires that all hotels are five-star venues, so you’ll be able to stay there in style!

If you’d prefer something a bit slower, Ibiza also has plenty of protected heritage sites and nature walks that get you away from the hustle and bustle for a while.

Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes is more or less built for tourism and is one of the most attractive holiday spots in all of Greece. With over five-hundred hotels to choose from, you can easily find somewhere to stay whilst still sticking to your budget.

It’s huge range of attractions, such as watersports and donkey rides are a nice counter to the island’s historical spots, such as the ruins of the Lindos Acropolis or the Church of the Panagia. Any kind of girls’ holiday can thrive here, no matter how big your group is!

Nice, France

Some girls just want to spend their holidays in a nice city with nice food, and there’s nowhere nicer than the fittingly-named city of Nice. Hundreds of restaurants and retail shops further inland, and a fantastic set of sandy beaches near the coast, all in walking distance of one another.

As a hotspot for plenty of celebrities and millionaires, you and your girls might run into somebody you’ve always dreamed of meeting – and if not, there’s still plenty of famous French brands that you can flaunt when you get home!


If you’d prefer to spend a quiet holiday with your girlfriends, Fuerteventura is the island for you! Once you’re out of the resorts, look into campervan hire businesses – a road trip around the island’s fantastic cliffs and beaches are just as beautiful as it’s natural parks and wildlife!

However, there’s still plenty of attractions to break up your drive – concerts, festivals, auditoriums and plenty of historical museums or landmarks that can pique your interest.

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