Flighthub Reviews 6 Things You Shouldn’t Wear When Traveling

  1. Flashy Jewelry


Avoid wearing flashy jewelry, especially if you’ll be using public transportation. Expensive looking jewelries attract attention and pickpockets. Not only will this keep you safer, it’s also helpful knowing that you’re not going to lose or misplace them while you travel. Just bring one or two inexpensive accessories that look good with your clothes and if you want to wear your engagement ring, turn the stone to the inside of your hand to avoid attracting attention when you’re in large crowds or using public transportation.

  1. Impractical Shoes


They say that good shoes take you to good places, but wearing impractical shoes when you travel won’t take you that far without injuries or feeling uncomfortable. Avoid wearing heels, athletic sneakers, flip-flops, rain boots and flats with no support. When choosing which pair of shoes you should wear, try considering the activities that you’ll be doing and the climate in your destination. This way, you can look your best and be comfortable at the same time.

  1. Immodest Clothing


A lot of tourists think that they can just wear anything when going to certain places, but there are times when you have to consider wearing clothes that are appropriate to the culture of the place that you’re visiting. Before packing, do some research about your destination, wear modest clothing when visiting more conservative destinations and be sure to cover up when going to religious sites. Avoid wearing tank tops, shorts, mini skirts and t-shirts with distasteful words and logos, as this can be considered as offensive in some Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Also, try to look up the dress code when visiting temples, churches and other religious sites to avoid being held at security.

  1. Large Open Purse


Large Tote bags may look stylish, but these open bags are not so ideal when traveling. It makes you prone to overpacking and a target of pickpockets. Stick to smaller, zipping bags and keep you belongings safe. You can use cross-body bags or anything that fully zips or closes to keep your stuff safe and hidden from thieves.

  1. Large accessories and gadgets


Avoid bringing and using tablet sized cameras and other big tech accessories. When eating in restaurants, avoid using long selfie sticks that might disturb other customers when you try to take pictures in restaurants. As much as possible, use your phone or a camera to avoid causing inconvenience or hurting the people around you. If you can’t help but bring your tablet, use them only for entertainment while onboard the plane, navigating through a location using a travel app or inside your hotel room where it won’t cause any inconvenience to anyone.

  1. Bright Colors


Other people wear bright colors for self-expression, but this is not always a good idea, especially when you’re traveling, Wearing brighter colors make you stick out when traveling abroad and it will be harder to hide stains or sweating. Choose to wear clothes with darker tones to help you blend in with the crowd. Also, do a research on the cultural practices in your destination for you to know what clothes or colors are appropriate.

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