Fun Craft Projects for the Kids This Summer Vacation

With summer vacation literally just around the corner now, kids are in full celebration-mode while parents are just letting the reality hit them. If you will be at home with your kids this summer, then you know better than anyone how important it is to keep them busy and entertained. Let’s face it, a house with bored children is not a pleasant one for mum and dad.

With that said, here’s a look at fun and imaginative craft projects that are sure to keep the kids focused and entertained this summer. These projects are perfect for rainy days, or just those days when you need the kids to stay busy so that you can get some chores done or enjoy a moment of peace.

Make Their Own Kite

Summer is perfect for flying kites, so rather than head out to the shops and buy a kite, why not let the kids create their own? For this project you’ll need:

  • Paper or Vellum
  • Glue
  • Twine or string for the tail
  • Two flat sticks
  • Decorations (glitter, paint, ribbons, crepe paper, markets, etc.)

You can find the full instructions here on how to create the kite. Encourage the kids to be as creative as they want and make something that really reflects their possibility. Flying the kite can then be an activity you enjoy all summer long.child-2887483_640

Decorate Their Own Flowerpots and Grow Indoor Herbs

Another fun craft is to have the kids decorate their own flowerpots that can be used to plan an indoor herb garden. All you need is a few clay pots for the herbs, seeds or plants that will be re-potted, some paint, and some paintbrushes. Kids can go ahead and let their creative juices flow, and then be the ones to actually plant the herbs. Place kids in charge of caring for the herbs all summer long, and look for different recipes you can use the fresh herbs in.

Learn to Knit

Here’s a project that can extend through the entire summer depending on what they choose to create. Learning to knit is a fabulous activity for kids as it encourages hand-eye coordination and focus. You may even want to enrol them in a beginner’s knitting course so that they can learn from an experienced professional.

Tie-Dyed T-Shirts

Is there anything that screams summer more than tie-dyed t-shirts? This is one of those craft projects that can be done by various age groups, is relatively easy, and the materials are simple to find. The best part about this project is they will be able to wear their creation.

Shop the Craft Section for Inspiration

If you go through each of these ideas and you feel inspired, it can be helpful to just browse through the craft section online. Take for example the Raaaft website. There is a specific category for crafts which you can browse through to spark some ideas.

Keeping Them Busy and Happy

By giving your child a variety of craft projects this summer, you will be sure to keep them happy and entertained while providing them with an activity that is great for their brain and creative side.

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