Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding Day

So you’ve spent months planning and organizing the wedding of your dreams, and at last the big day has arrived. With so much effort that has gone into the planning of the day, it’s no wonder that brides and grooms often feel nervous! You name it; almost every bride will have thought about every worry! If you are feeling anxious about your wedding day, these tips on keeping it stress-free should help you to relax.

Keep your Plan Simple

Having a simple order of events for a wedding day will help keep things running like clockwork. Avoid having too many different elements that compete for your time, energy and budget. A few things that are done well is much better than too many that are poorly thought out, so keep things simple, and you will be able to relax and enjoy your day.


The Right Attire

Wedding and bridesmaid dresses should be beautiful, but also comfortable and practical. It’s all very well having a dress that wows, but if you can’t move because it will spoil the look, or you have a corset sticking in your ribs all day, then it won’t be much fun. Choose dresses that make your bridesmaids feel good about themselves, such as the range from When everyone is feeling happy and confident in what they are wearing, then it makes for a happy day. Let’s not forget the groom and other males in the wedding party either. A good suit is one you can move in, so get one that is properly fitted.

Use Visualization

If you are feeling nervous about walking down the aisle or saying your wedding vows, then it can help if you practice everything in your mind many times before the big day. When you have a quiet moment, shut your eyes and see yourself in your dress, looking happy and relaxed, as you go through the wedding ceremony. This mental rehearsal will have a big effect on how you feel, and help you feel confident on your wedding day.

Have a Time Buffer

The morning of your wedding will be a hive of activity as hair and makeup is done for the bride and bridesmaids. Plan things, so you are ready at least an hour before you need to be, and spend that hour relaxing with your important people before heading to your venue. If you have to rush to get ready, you are likely to feel more nervous walking down the aisle, so get ready early and feel composed.

Getting married is an exciting time, and sometimes the amount of organization that has gone into the day can feel like there’s a lot of things that need to go right. Keep the most important things in sight, such as the celebration of love, and enjoy the atmosphere. Accept that not everything will go to plan, but sometimes that can also work for the best! Your family and friends are there you share your joy on your big day, so focus on the important things, and everything else will fall into place.

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