Hen Dos At Home: Why You Don’t Need To Travel For An Unforgettable Hen Do

So many future brides are jetting off to foreign lands for their hen dos. This can be great fun, but there is a lot of extra costs you will need to consider. And some of your friends might not be able to afford this extravagant event. Not only that, though, but some girls might not be able to get the time off work.

Thankfully, there are many ways you can have an unforgettable hen party even if you stay at home. If you need to plan a budget party, why not have it at your own home? This isn’t as boring as it might seem. In fact, I’ve been to a few hen dos held at the hen’s house that have been absolutely amazing. It just goes to show that you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to have a great time with fabulous friends!

So how do you pull out all the stops for a hen do at home? Here are some of my top tips.


Think Of A Theme

All good hen dos have a theme. This theme can then help you to arrange decorations and fancy dress. It is always a good idea to ask all the girls to come in costumes. And if you have a theme, no one will have trouble thinking of anything to wear! The theme should be one that has a few different fancy dress options. And they should be costumes that can be made quite cheaply. Not everyone will be able to buy an extravagant costume from a fancy dress shop. So make sure the theme lends itself to homemade costumes. One popular theme that many hen dos like to go with is a Disney theme. You could ask all your ladies to come dressed up as their favourite Disney princess! If you want things a little more risque, consider planning a can-can girl theme!

The theme will also help you plan all the decorations that you use in your home. If you are going for a Disney theme, for example, use lots of bright coloured bunting and cut out some images of your favourite Disney characters. You can find loads of other ideas for the hen do decorations online.


Think Of Games

Do you know how you will keep everyone entertained through the party? The best way is with some fun games that everyone can get involved with. Many friends of the future bride like to set a quiz for her all about her future husband. You can have a good giggle finding how much she really knows about her man! Truth or Dare is another great idea for a hen party game. This is one that all the guests can get involved with! Another cool idea is to make some predictions about what will happen on the wedding day. Think one of the bridesmaids might hook up with the best man? Write it down and wait to see if your predictions come true! This is a great way to extend the fun to the wedding.

Personalise Your Hen Do

If you are hosting the hen do at home, you will be able to personalise it as much as possible. This is a great way to make it an unforgettable night for the future bride. And the more personalised items and pieces of decor that you have will means that there are more things the hen can keep as mementoes and cute trinkets. Not sure what kind of personalised items you can include on the night? One really cool touch would be to get some personalised wine bottle labels. You will be able to add your own messages on the labels, and you can simply stick them over the label that comes on the wine. These also make fabulous presents that you can present the future bride with. Another cool idea is personalised bunting. Why not get the couple’s names printed on bunting flags and hang them in your living room? These are another cute gift that the hen can keep to help her look back on her exciting hen do!


Sort Out Some Food

You will need to arrange some food for all the girls, so no one gets too hungry. The best thing you can do is to put on a buffet. This is easy for you to plan, as there are plenty of simple and quick meals that won’t take up a lot of your time or effort. It also helps you put on a spread which will include meals and dishes that everyone can enjoy. If you are inviting any vegetarians or people who have special dietary requirements, you can add a few platters and dishes that they can enjoy. If you don’t have much time to arrange any food for the party, why not think about arranging a potluck buffet? This is when everyone brings a different platter or dish for the buffet. It is a great way to take away most of the pressure from you by spreading out the workload. Not only that, though, but it will also ensure that your buffet is varied, and you have a good selection of different dishes that suit everyone.


Don’t forget about the drinks for your hen do! Cocktails are a great option and will go down very well with everyone. You could even include the cocktail making as part of your hen do entertainment. You will be able to find cocktail making sets quite cheaply in supermarkets and budget shops. And then all you need is a selection of spirits, liqueurs, and mixers. Make sure you have some good cocktail recipes that you can keep referring to. Otherwise, you could end up making some strange concoctions that no one finds too palatable!

Hopefully, this blog post will have given you loads of great ideas for planning a hen do in your own home. The key is to make it personable to the future bride so she can really enjoy herself fully!

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