Why you Should Work as a Nanny in London

Nannying is an interesting job, and there are many benefits to working as a nanny in London. This is an incredible city and you’ll work for lovely people who can ensure you enjoy your experience working for them.

Here are some reasons why you should work as a nanny in London:


If you’re thinking about having your own kids one day, working as a nanny is a great way to get an idea about what things are important to you when it comes to raising them. Maybe you’ll decide that you don’t want them to have much screen time, or maybe you think they should be playing outside more, when you work for a range of different families, you get to learn different techniques and ideas about setting boundaries, and this is excellent if you’d like to have your own family in the future.



If you love kids, nannying is the job for you. You’ll get to see their smiling faces every day, and watch them grow up. Depending on how long you stay, you’ll probably form quite a bond with the kids, and you’ll find that when you come back after a day off they’re super excited to see you and want to tell you all about school and the other things they’re doing.

While nannying can at times be a challenging job, the kids truly make it all worth it and you’re likely to feel like part of the family.


London is an incredible city, with so many things to do. Living in London can be expensive though, so working as a nanny is the perfect way to live a London lifestyle (often staying in the best parts of the city) without being constantly broke.


There are so many nannies in London, and if you’re looking for new friends, you can find plenty of people your own age who are also doing the same type of work, and so know exactly what it’s like.



Nannies in London typically get paid very well. Not only will you usually be staying in very nice accommodations, but you won’t need to pay for rent, electricity, or any of the usual things that adults need to pay for. That means that you’re likely to find that your pay goes a very long way, and you can begin saving enough for your own home.

One of the best parts about being a nanny is the lifestyle you get to live, while still having enough money to pay for the things you like.


If you’re living in London, you can easily use your time off to go explore Europe or even to see more of the UK. Sometimes the family will travel and will want to take you with them, while other times you’ll be given time off so you can go and spend the weekend in Paris, or Brussels, or any other beautiful and exciting European city.

Convinced? Register with a local nanny agency today and launch your career as a nanny in London.

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