Hosting an unforgettable dinner party

A Dinner party is, on paper, a simple blend of ingredients; good friends, good food and good conversation. Anyone who has hosted a dinner party, however, will tell you that it is not that simple. Hosting a dinner party can be fun, stressful or a straight-up nightmare, depending on how you play your cards. The key to an unforgettable dinner party is preparation.

Before you race out and buy dining chairs, it pays to create a timeline of events as well as a checklist of items you might need. Creating a solid plan will prepare you for the many glitches that will pop up and keep your head in the game. Start with the most important part of your proposed party; the guests.

Who’s coming?

Dinner parties are more personal than a regular party, so deciding who you want to invite is important. If this is your first gig as host, keeping the party to a few guests would be wise as your duties will be much easier to juggle. Try and find guests who already know each other, nothing kills a party faster than guests feeling shy and awkward.

Keep in mind your space and amenities as you don’t want your guests feeling crowded or waiting for a bathroom. Make sure your kitchen can handle the amount of chosen guests, the last thing you want is 4 guests on fancy black leather dining chairs, and one unlucky guest on a stool… Playing host to 4-6 guests is a great starting point and can keep the vibe intimate.

Let the drinks flow

Alcohol is the grease in the wheels of socialization. Who said that? No one? Well, it’s true. Nothing gets a room talking and laughing better than a fermented yeast drink. As a good host, you can be expected to provide drinks but don’t break your budget by doing so. A safe bet is some wine, beer, and cider.

Of course, you will encounter picky guests who don’t drink beer or don’t like wine, that’s ok, chuck them out. I’m kidding of course, but there are subtle ways to prevent this problem from rearing its head. Unless you have a generously stocked liquor cabinet already, the easiest way to ensure guests are drinking what they enjoy is simply to ask guests to bring some alcohol.

Prep prep prep

The amount of work involved in preparing your food depends on your guest selection, cooking prowess and how desperately you want to impress your friends. It will pay to create a menu well in advance and prepare accordingly. Having everything ready to go and knowing exactly what you are cooking will eliminate a huge amount of stress.

With the food out of the way, take some time to prepare your home for the big night.  Give your home a thorough clean and be sure to hide any embarrassing details that you don’t want anyone to discover. Make sure you have enough chairs and space for your guests if not, it might be time to buy dining chairs! Creating a playlist or two can bring ambiance and make your guests feel at home. Don’t forget snacks and nibbles!

Hosting a dinner party can be stressful and can require a lot of hard work. Creating a timeline of events and a list of guests will take a lot of guesswork out of the equation. Dinner parties can be a way to express yourself and bring close friends even closer together. Above all else, it is the host of a dinner party that really brings it all together so have fun, be kind to everyone and you can host an unforgettable dinner party.

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