Stop ‘Drifting’ and Start Acting: How to Improve Your Mindset

Going through life without aspirations and just accepting whatever is thrown your way is not good for you – it isn’t a way of life that can provide happiness or fulfilment in the long run. This is known as ‘drifting’ as it can sometimes seem like we are just drifting through life, taking it easy and never making changes.

This kind of lifestyle is taught as something that should be accepted with gratitude as a blessing. While it is great to feel secure and do familiar things, life is not all about being secure. Each day, millions of people find themselves trapped doing the same thing over and over and over again without questioning themselves about it. This approach to life can leave people in a bad mental state, often leading to depression and other mental health problems that require professional help.

So, how can you get out of this slump by setting goals for the future?

Goals, Mindset and Taking the First Step

Setting goals and taking action is all about soul searching through what it is that one really wants out of life without considering external factors and what life has given to them. It is living life rather than having life happen to them.

The decision to take steps towards achieving your goals begins with the realisation that drifting through the events in life brings one to a dead end at some point. It can seem like walking into an unexplored territory at first but starting to achieve goals is all about taking it one step at a time.

The best thing to do in the beginning is to take the first step. The whole process does not have to be set in stone to start. As the steps unfold, the vision and realisation of the goals will become clearer as you discover what is important to you an what you want to do about it.

Often people end up procrastinating from taking steps towards their goals – perhaps they are waiting for the right time or the right circumstances. Procrastination is often detrimental to goals and productivity – it wastes time, makes us miss opportunities, lowers self-esteem and reparation, amongst other things.

Anyone who has achieved something of importance will tell you the same – the only ‘right’ time is now. The moment the first step is taken, the next one becomes easier, and positive momentum builds, which takes one to the goal they are reaching.

Another important part of goal achieving is to be consistent, which means keeping up with the intention and moving one step closer towards its attainment each day.  Although things may seem unclear in the beginning, the vision that one holds for their future determines the step they will take. Once a goal is in your mind, the steps on how to achieve it will follow, as long as you are determined to make changes and put in the work.

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