How to Decorate Your Bathroom on a Budget

When we’re redecorating our homes, often bathrooms get left until last, since many people assume this will be the most expensive room to change. Unfortunately, this can be embarrassing when guests visit and you find yourself apologising for the state of your bathroom which was originally decorated in the 1980’s.

If you’re ready to tackle your bathroom but are worried about blowing your budget, here are some tips that can help you end up with a bathroom that’s begging to be shown off, so you won’t have any hesitation about directing guests towards it:

Go for a colour change

Painting your bathroom can make a huge difference, and it’s one of the best ways to modernise it and make it look bigger. Whether you’re hoping to get rid of that hideous floral wallpaper or cover up the fading cream paint, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

You can get plenty of different colours and finishes of paint on clearance, you just need to check that you’re buying paint that is suitable for a damp environment and get a base coat so it will go on smoothly. It’s also a good idea to think about whether you want a theme for your bathroom and the way you plan to accessorise it before you choose your paint so you don’t have second thoughts once it’s already been painted.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to paint the room yourself, but don’t want to spend money on a professional, take a look online, in the Facebook group for your neighbourhood or ask friends for recommendations of a student or someone they know who works well and does side jobs for some cash.

Choose new fixtures

The most exciting part of redecorating your bathroom is going shopping for a new sink, bath, shower, or all of the above. This is also where most people assume they’ll be spending the most money, but these days you can find some amazing deals and can pick up a modern sink for less than £60.

While it can be tempting to choose fixtures that are “in fashion”, it’s best to focus on finding ones that won’t date and have a classic style. You can always play around with handles, taps and accessories since these can be easily replaced later.

Light it up

Good lighting can completely transform an otherwise average bathroom. If you’re going for a pretty theme, a chandelier can make your bathroom look bigger and give a point of interest in the room, otherwise bright down-lights are excellent in here as well. If this is where the women in the house put on their makeup, consider placing bulbs around the mirror and ensure you’re also making the most of the natural light.

Grab some art

Art doesn’t have to be expensive, and if you’re the artistic type you can put some of your work in the bathroom. Otherwise, give the kids a theme (under the sea looks great in bathrooms) and frame their artwork to make the room look more inviting.

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