Why You Should Consider an All-Inclusive Holiday

All-inclusive holidays have changed hugely over the last 70 years, from something that only the top 1% could afford, to an “uncool holiday choice” that was seen as unadventurous, to a cost-effective option that can be tailored depending on your needs or the needs of your whole family.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider taking an all-inclusive holiday:


Many people assume that all-inclusive holidays are crazy-expensive, and when you compare an all-inclusive hotel or resort to one which only includes your room, you’re guaranteed to see a big difference. However most people greatly underestimate how much they’ll spend on food, drinks and activities once they’re abroad, and when you’re staying in a “tourist zone” you can expect to pay more for incidentals and things like alcoholic drinks for mum and dad and ice creams for the kids.

When you actually add up how much you would spend on all of these things all-inclusive options actually usually end up cheaper, especially when you consider that you’ll often get into a “we’re only here once” mentality and eat and drink more on holiday than you would at home.


Let’s face it- other than price, one of the main reasons why we chose all-inclusive holidays is simply because of the convenience. Paying for our food, accommodation, drinks etc all in one payment is easy, convenient, and allows you to know that everything is handled before you even leave home. You’ll also often find that any gratuities can either be paid at the beginning or end of your trip so you won’t need to carry your wallet around.


All-inclusive holidays give you a chance to truly switch off and relax. You can eat and drink without needing to calculate or budget, and choose whether you want to get out of the hotel and have an adventure or relax and lie by the pool.


When you’re staying at a nice hotel, you may be a little shocked at how expensive food is. And add up 3 meals a day and you may find yourself leaving the hotel each day and searching for cheaper options. This will mean you’ll be wasting lots of time each day as you search for food outside of the hotel. It’s much easier to know that meals are included and you can eat breakfast and only leave because you want to get out and explore, and not because you’re worried about blowing your budget.

Convinced? If you’re still not sure if an all-inclusive holiday is for you, check out the All Inclusive Calculator, that Falcon Holidays developed so you can see how much you would save in different destinations, based on your holiday type, budget, how many drinks you’d have, and even the amount of ice cream you think your family would have each day.

If you’re planning to go away this year, be sure to compare prices, so you can make a smart decision.

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