Keeping your Mind Sharp through Gaming

Many people focus on maintaining their physical well-being as they age. However, sometimes the majority ignores the importance of mental fitness in life but, as a Roman poet rightly underlined ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’, which means ‘A healthy mind is a healthy body’.

Exercising the mind is a non-stop process. Yet, this does not necessarily mean that it has to be difficult or dull but, on the contrary, it can be pleasant or even fun. Besides getting a good sleep, keeping a healthy nutrition, exercising regularly, maintaining hobbies and social activities, and playing certain kinds of games can train the brain, improving the agility, the focus, and the energy of a person.

For instance, think about the variety of online games people play on their smartphone or tablet and the time they spend doing so. The advantages of that practice can be identified by seeing the gradual development of cognitive functions. In fact, a 2011 study titled ‘Brains on Video Games’ brought together six experts on this subject, affirming the connection between brain training and gaming.

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Moreover, according to The Economist, some classic games we have been playing since we were young, such as puzzles, crosswords, or word searches are ‘good for our long-term mental health’. That is why, when playing, a person unconsciously trains skills like memory, reasoning, and processing speed and sees an improvement after a certain time.


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What is more, playing casino games online can improve your mental skills. Operators like provide the card games most commonly associated with an improvement to players’ brains, like Atlantic City Blackjack and Low Limit Baccarat, all in the comfortable and familiar environment that only mobile devices can provide. A skilful player knows that casino games are not just about luck but there is a whole logical structure that lies behind the cards.

As an example, blackjack requires the use of short term memory. Its main target is to get a hand close to the number 21. However, the game itself is a lot more complex, as a player needs to train their observation skills, as well as to be able to calculate the odds. Knowing the meaning of each hand and how each card can affect the game is also a plus. Hence, the brain is stimulated by the challenge of the game.

Puzzle pieces” (CC BY 2.0) by Electric-Eye

In addition, various activities can be of great value to your brain. That includes reading a book, starting a new hobby that helps you change the mundanity of the day; familiarising yourself with DIY or even learning a new language. Changes in your everyday routine can be beneficial for the brain, which otherwise tends to become ‘lazy’ through daily repetition. Hence, reinforcing new habits every day keeps the mind sharp and boosts your energy.

To conclude, exercising your brain with novel, challenging, and complex activities or games, either classic and timeless ones like checkers online or some you can easily find online, could actually exercise your mind by keeping you mentally fit, which can be as easy as pressing a few buttons. 

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