Making The Most of Competitions and Give Aways

We are bombarded with endless competitions, giveaways and sweepstakes all day, every day. Chances are that the junk folder of your emails are full of them and you’ve started to turn a blind eye to any mention of a competition that passes you. But when you engage with competitions correctly, you can really reap the rewards and benefit from your participation. Many will offer prizes that can vary from the extreme (like new cars, holidays and large lump cash sums) to smaller bonuses (such as free samples, days out and discount codes). Whatever the size of the prize, if it’s something that you want, it’s worth giving the competition a shot. So, here’s everything that you need to know about getting the most out of the prize opportunities that come to your attention.


Pick and Choose

You can’t engage in every competition out there. There are so many that it would consume your entire life. So you should pick and choose which ones you want to opt in for. If a particular prize catches your eye, go for it. If the prize is something that you wouldn’t mind winning, but aren’t really all that fussed about, let the opportunity slide. Let the prize go to someone else who would be truly made up if they were to find out that they had won. You might like to choose one or two particular competitions to enter regularly. This makes things easier in terms of checking up on whether you have won and remembering to participate before deadlines. Another way to decide which giveaways to enter is to look at the requirements of you. Some competitions will require you to complete lengthy surveys to be entered. Weigh up whether you can really be bothered to make the effort in exchange for your chance to win the prize.

Use Reliable Sources

Some emails claiming that you have won a competition can be fraudulent. This is one way that online scammers can attempt to gain your personal details for their own illicit use. Never hand out your personal details, bank account details or other personal information to anyone unless they are a trusted and verified source and remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Only engage in competitions, giveaways, and sweepstakes when you are sure that the provider is genuine. Try out sites such as for regular, safe entertainment that you can engage in without worry hanging over your head.

Be Aware of the Price

Some competitions are free; some will incur a fee for your entry. Any competition that is going to cost you will have to make the charges completely clear before you enter, so don’t worry about accidentally making purchases that you were unaware would cost you. Have a read through the competition’s terms and conditions before you make an online payment or enter via text message or phone call. If you are worried that you have been charged for a service unfairly, take action. You should contact the company and file a complaint. If you were unduly charged, you will usually be able to regain the money.

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