A Mini Guide To Being Happier In Your 20’s

‘Being happier’ might seem like a mythical concept, but actually, it’s not. While we can’t promise you’ll wake up with a beaming smile and a spring in your step every day, the following four ideas could help you on your way.

Get rid of your drains

Have you ever heard of comparing your friends to radiators and drains? If not, it’s time to start doing it! A radiator friend is one that gives you warmth and heat. They are a joy to be around, and you miss them when they’re not there. A drain friend, however, drains away all of your energy. You feel exhausted after spending time with them, usually mentally. http://www.changingpeople.co.uk/2009/do-you-radiate-or-drain/ explains more about the radiator and drain idea.

If your friends are radiators, you need to nurture them and be a radiator back. But if you have a friend who is a drain, it’s time to cut loose. Once we reach our 20’s we need to know that we deserve better than that. Get rid of your drains and replace them with more radiators for a happier life. The same rule goes for partners, too!

Write down your goals

Writing down your goals, rather than letting them just slide around in your mind, has a number of benefits. Firstly, it helps you see in a tangible way what your priorities are. It also helps you remind yourself that you have goals and something to strive towards. That’s not to mention the fact you have something to refer to over time to see how you are doing. The chances are, you are achieving a lot more than you give yourself credit for. In realizing this, you are likely to become less stressed about your failures and more content and happy with your achievements. Features such as http://www.forbes.com/sites/ellevate/2014/04/08/why-you-should-be-writing-down-your-goals/#15c5ea8a2f14 explain more about the psychology of writing down your goals.

Stop putting important things off

Life is busy, and some tasks just don’t seem as urgent as others. If that task is finally mastering the perfect batch of pecan brownies, fine. But if that task is having a Doctors, Dentist or Eye check-up, reorganize your priorities. Thanks to the internet there is no excuse for not being able to find someone to see you in your area. Sites like http://dentist.24hourly.com can help with this. Once you are booked in, let your employer know ASAP. There should be no questions asked if you need time off for an appointment of this nature.

Change the things that don’t make you happy

Are you in a job that makes you dread getting up in the morning and hate Sunday evenings? Then change it. Are you in a relationship that drains you (see the point above!)? Then get out of it. You will never be totally happy in your 20’s if you put up with something that makes you unhappy. For more things to consider, read articles like http://www.girlyblogger.com/lifestyle/make-changes-will-benefit-life-right-now/ and then take action.

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