Dubai is a city that has been growing exponentially since the discovery of oil there. Vastly rich and very powerful, it is impossible to think of Dubai and not have images of hulking skyscrapers reflecting the sun in every direction come to mind. Dubai is one of the most influential and powerful cities in the Middle East, and its influence shows no sign of waning. Here are a few facts about the city that may give you that final push you need in deciding to visit Dubai soon.

Did you know that Dubai is home to the world’s first gold bar vending machine? Originally designed as a way to make the everyday public more comfortable in investing in gold, these ‘Gold-to-Go’ vending machines can produce 320 different items made of gold; gold bars, specially designed gold coins, and even gold leaves. The machine itself is apparently designed like an armoured truck, so that any attempt to sabotage or break into it is easily brushed off.

Another fact about Dubai that may have passed you by is that it is home to the largest shopping centre in the world (by area). This alone is interesting enough, but combine that with the fact that it features its own aquarium with one of the world’s largest viewing panels, and this shopping centre becomes a lot more interesting. Also featuring a museum with its own dinosaur fossils and the biggest dancing fountain in the world, this mall is an example of how Dubai does not tend to do things by half.

Another example of Dubai’s grandiose nature can be found in their police cars. You can see officers patrolling Dubai in a number of high end vehicles, like a limited edition Aston Martin One-77, a Lamborghini Aventador LP, a Mercedes SLS AMG and even a Bugatti Veyron (the fastest street legal car in the world). These of course are just the police vehicles, you are sure to spot a vast number of expensive and strange cars on the road in Dubai.

You may also not have known that due to Dubai’s huge cityscape (that is constantly growing), twenty percent of the entire world’s supply of cranes are currently in use there. This is no surprise when you think about their current skyscrapers like the BurjKhalifa (the tallest man made structure in the world), but it begs the question what will Dubai develop next? With Dubai hosting expo 2020, there is sure to be something massive in store.

So, with these facts in mind, it is hard to believe that Dubai has grown so massively since just a hundred years ago. Be sure to keep these in mind when you are next considering taking a holiday-and if you are still stuck for choice remember that Dubai is featured as one of the destinations on the new Ladbrokes travel roulette wheel! If not Dubai, maybe another destination on their wheel will take your fancy.

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