Need to overhaul your wardrobe? Read these tips

If you’re hoping to overhaul your wardrobe this year, you’re not alone, many women find that after packing their winter clothes away, they have no idea what to wear for spring, or they’re sick of wearing the same things over and over.

Fortunately, it’s entirely possible to overhaul your wardrobe without blowing your budget. Here’s how:

Choose smart accessories

Great accessories can vamp up even the most boring outfit. A cute pair of shoes, a gorgeous purse, some dangly earrings, or a cool belt can completely change your look- without the need to max out your credit card.


Clean out your wardrobe

It’s hard to know what to buy when you’re constantly surrounded by clothes you never wear. We’re all guilty of holding onto jeans that are two sizes too small or a dress that is way too short. If you find that your wardrobe is full of clothes you never wear, it’s time to have a massive clean out. If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing within the last six months, it’s time to get rid of it. Make a pile of clothes that need to be dry cleaned, tailored, or repaired, one you can donate, and one you can give to friends or sell.

Value comfort

How often have you bought clothes that aren’t comfortable- simply because they’re in fashion? Life is too short to be uncomfortable, so commit to only buying pieces that you look and feel great in. For jeans, avoid sizing down in the hope that you’ll lose weight- buy your current size and then treat yourself to a new pair if you do happen to lose ten pounds. For bras, check out the evolution bra which is all about comfort.

Choose quality over quantity

If you buy a great-quality sweater and wear it for three winters in a row, the cost-per-wear will work out much lower than if you buy a few $20 sweaters you each winter and toss them when the stitching becomes loose and they start to fall apart. When you’re buying basics like jackets, jeans, heels, and boots, buy the best you can afford and get them mended when they’re damaged or worn out. This will allow you to get the most out of your clothes.

Are you planning a wardrobe overhaul? Or maybe you just revamped your wardrobe? Leave a comment below!

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