Not Using Video on Social Media? You Should Be

Using video on social media may seem a little intimidating, however there’s a reason why everyone is doing it. Video is increasing in both frequency and popularity when it comes to social media, and is often considered to be the most important tactic for social media marketing today.

Whether your video is on YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook if you’re thinking about creating and marketing content for your business, it should definitely be video.

While video takes more energy and time to create, it’s worth the time in many different ways. It can help you with your SEO, and if you embed video links within your blog, you’re many times more likely to be ranking on the first page of Google.

If people are leaving your site as soon as they click onto it, its rankings within the search results are likely to be hurt, as Google has introduced a new metric called dwell time into their algorithm. This basically means that they longer visitors are spending on the different pages of your website, the more likely it is that the content is actually fitting their needs (and they’re watching your videos) which Google likes.

The same goes for Facebook’s mysterious algorithm. The algorithm for the social media superstar’s newsfeed is currently placing a huge amount of weight on videos, and when you’re uploading your videos yourself, instead of linking to other videos, you’re much more likely for your community to get to see them.

Did you know that audiences today are spending the same amount of time watching videos as they are on social media? That means that for companies and bloggers without in-house cinematographers, it’s time to get busy and either hire a cinematographer or videographer, or simply work on your video skills yourself.

Since the internet has a very short attention span, keep in mind that videos should be easily digestible of between 30 and 90 seconds.

Another thing to remember, is people are unlikely to like and share videos that are obviously just marketing for your company. People share things that are funny, interesting, exciting, or completely relatable, so the trick is to create something that is likely to become viral, without shoving your company branding down viewer’s throats.

One of the best things to do is to check out a company such as as these guys are a professional TV commercial company- meaning you’re dealing directly with people who have a huge amount of experience making ads in a variety of industries.

They’re also a cheaper option compared to using a traditional advertising agency, and they’ll listen to what you’re trying to a achieve and turn it into online video content- meaning you can gain new fans, brand awareness, and use social media to drive sales.

If you’re not yet using video on social media, you’re getting left behind- because almost every other company and brand is. Get started with your video social media campaign today.

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