How to Remember Long-Term Travel with Photobooks or Canvas Pictures

If you’ve been travelling for a long time, you may find that countries and cities begin to blur together, you forget some of your best experiences, and even begin to second guess whether that funny night out happened in Vietnam or Vienna.

Luckily, photos are an excellent way to keep your memories alive, and looking at some of your favourite photos that you took while travelling can bring back the sounds, smells, tastes, and people in those memories.

One great way to do this is to pick your favourite photos from all of the places you’ve visited, and create a photobook that you can flick through when you want to remember some of the incredible experiences you had in the different countries you visited.

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Before travelling, it can be a good idea to brush up on your photography skills. Consider taking a class and investing in a DSLR camera. There are many cameras on the market that can take some great photos without costing too much money, and you can choose a variety of lenses depending on the type of photos you prefer to take.

Alternatively, another option can be to completely embrace iPhone photography. This is becoming a fast-growing niche for photographers around the world, and you’ll find that there are numerous Instagram accounts and blogs with some inspirational iPhone photos and tips and tricks for taking the best photo.

When taking photos, remember to think about your composition. Sometimes, you can get a much better photo by studying the scene and taking a moment to find an unusual point to take the photo compared to simply snapping away with all of the other tourists.

If you want to avoid taking photos with lots of people in them, it’s time to become an early riser. If you want to see some attractions without a bunch of tourists, aim to be there for dawn, when you’ll get incredible light and tourist attractions virtually to yourself.

These are the kinds of photos that work well for canvas, and if you find that you’ve taken a photo that you’re particularly proud of, or even one that just sticks out to you as a great memory, why not put it on canvas with, and you’ll be able to hang it up in your bedroom so you can continually remember that moment.

Photos can allow you to remember the people you meet while travelling, and keeping them easily accessible by making a photobook or getting them put onto canvas is an excellent way to remember pictures from your travels.

If you haven’t travelled much this year, you probably at least did some exploring or had some fun experiences with your friends and family in your hometown. Sometimes it can be hard to appreciate being at home, so making a photobook can be a great way to see all of the fun times you had while you were at home.

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