Organizing a Successful Baby Shower

Traditionally, it would have been a friend or a distant relative that hosted a baby shower. This was because it was considered bad manners for a close family member to throw the shower and appear to be asking for gifts. This kind of event has been held since the 1940s and 1950s. Nowadays, the task can fall to pretty much anyone, including the mom-to-be. Co-workers or close friends, relatives or neighbors will all feel honored to be planning such a party. Whoever is chosen to do the organizing, there are some baby shower basics to follow. Here’s a step by step guide that will ensure the occasion is a success.


Make a Guest List and Decide on a Budget

It’s down to the guest of honor to make the guest list. Once you’ve got it, you’ll be able to decide on a budget. As soon as the budget has been decided, you can get on with choosing a venue, planning the food and entertainment.

Date and Time

The usual time to hold a baby shower is a couple of months before the baby is due. Check with the mom-to-be for exact dates. There’s nothing wrong with holding it a little earlier, or closer to the date. Seven months is a good guideline as she will be well into her pregnancy by then, but not likely to be rushed into hospital during the party.

Where Will the Shower be Held?

The venue will depend on the number of guests and the available budget. If you’re planning a summer shower, the backyard would be perfect. Winter time it will be better if it is held indoors. Having it at your home will save money too, if your budget is limited. If you’ve got a slightly larger budget to play with try a local hotel or restaurant and see whether they have anything to offer.

Send out the Invites

Ideally, you should do this a couple of months before the shower. That way, guests will have time to fit the shower into their schedule, reply to the invitation, find a babysitter and buy a gift. You can purchase invitations from a store or make them yourself.

What Gifts are Acceptable?

Finding the right gift to give to the guest of honor can be difficult. You want it to be something special and unique. You also want it to be something that’s useful. If mom-to-be knows the sex of the new addition, you might want to consider something for him or her to wear. Nickis baby Dior clothing will be a very classy gift to give, and you and some friends can buy a few pieces of clothing for the baby. If you’re lucky there may be a baby registry list you can choose from. There are no etiquette rules to follow so the let your imagination run riot.

One final step is to think about party favors. It is a great way to thank all the guests for coming. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, but it will be good if it links with the theme of your party. Scented candles, cups, homemade chocolates or candy, picture frames or paperweights are just a few ideas.

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