Top 5 Adventurous Holidays to Go On This Year

With summer starting, you might already have a few great adventures already planned. If you’re a little slow to plan, or maybe considering what you could do for the autumn or winter, then here’s a little inspiration for some great adventurous holidays you can go on for this year. Whether you want to plan something a little outside the box you can do with your family, just with your partner, or with a group of friends. Here are my top 5 suggestions for adventurous holidays:

1. A Walking Holiday
It might not sound super adventurous, but it is whatever you make it. One of the reasons I love walking holidays is because it’s really inclusive: you can talk all family members with you, so long as they’re fit and able to keep up with walking. You can choose different journeys based on your fitness level, the length of vacation you have and the amount of time you want to spend exploring the beautiful destination that you have chosen. You can choose anything from a few days, right up to a week or even longer – the great thing about walking holidays is that they’re often completely customisable. You can decide to go independently, but I would suggest choosing to go through an experienced organisation, like Mickledore because they’ll provide ample experience, ensure that you have a well-thought out itinerary and as much support as you need to be certain that you have an incredible walking holiday.

There are many benefits to a walking holiday, for example the slower pace means that you really get to soak in your surroundings, ensuring ample time for photos and capturing all the special moments along the way. You’ll be working out, building muscle and staying fit, while enjoying an abundance of beautiful scenery. You can indulge in being off the beaten path, far away from cars, buses and the normal tourist trail. One of the greatest benefits of a walking holiday is the ample time you’ll have with your friends and family to really connect, all that time in nature will allow you to really bond with each other and once you return home, you’ll actually feel like you had a holiday! Need some more reasons walking holidays make for great holidays? Here are 10 top reasons to go on a walking holiday.

Snow_by_Paul VanDerWerf
2. A Skiing Holiday
If you’re like me and love the snow, there’s almost nothing better than spending a few days carving up fresh lines in the snow. It can be a great way to break up the winter blues, because it makes the lack of warmth something good. You’ll set out early in the morning, put all your snow gear on and get out on the chairlifts as early as possible to make the most of the clean slopes. Skiing holidays are really fun, especially if you can rally together a decent group of people – think of inviting a few friends to share in the fun, or inviting extended family and hiring out a large villa to share. While I love going away to the snow, I try to plan as far in advance as possible in order to ensure that I can save a lot on the ticket costs. If you’re planning to spend more than a few days at the mountain, buying a season pass can often work out much more economical. Also look out for voucher websites, as many offer special coupons such as two for one deals on local fields. Ski gear can also be quite expensive so sometimes it is actually better to buy second hand gear or simply rent ski gear if you’re simply going to go for a few days. Don’t forget to pack these essentials for your next skiing holiday. 


3. Beach Holiday
This is one of my favourite holidays if you have young family members: a beach holiday. There’s something magical about being by the ocean during the summer, the soothing sound of the waves, the way the evenings stretch out even later, greasy fish and chips wrapped up in paper, and young children lined up building sand castles. In my experience, aside from flights and accomodation, beach holidays tend to be one of the cheaper trips because you tend to be at the beach entertained by the sun, surf and sand! Obviously it depends on where you go as to how much you spend and sometimes it can even be more economical to spend more on the flights, but to go somewhere further afield where the food and accommodation costs are significantly lower. Here are some great tips for a beach holiday! 

4. Sailing Holiday
Can you imagine walking up every day on the ocean? If you love a beach holiday, but want to take it to the next level, then a sailing holiday might be the perfect holiday for you. I personally feel so at peace when I’m by the ocean and there’s absolutely nothing I love more than waking up to the sound of the waves crashing into the ocean. On a sailing holiday you also have ample water sports to choose from – you can go surfing, paddle boarding, diving, snorkelling, even fishing! For me the evenings are some of the best on a sailing boat, when the sun is setting, everyone’s a got that nice glow from the warmth of the evening and there’s plenty of time to spend together. You can chat about meaningful conversations, things that don’t usually come up in the hustle and bustle of every day life. During the days you can stop in whichever ports you want, visiting exotic old towns and sampling some of the worst’s best seafoods. It can be a fantastic holiday to take with children and a great way to ignite a love for sailing.
Cruise Ship_by_~~ ItsJegh ~~
5. Cruising Holiday
Maybe you want all the joy of being on the ocean, but with absolutely none of the planning and effort? Then a cruising holiday might be for you. It is a great choice with families with children as many cruises have ample entertainment and activities for children, ensuring that all family members will have a great time. It can hard planning a family holiday for a wide spectrum of ages: how do you ensure that everyone will be happy and have fun? Cruises tend to think of everyone: from fun night life entertainment for the adults, through to incredible water slides, massive pools and even exciting kids’ clubs for the children. If you have younger children, consider a cruise that has babysitting or age-appropriate clubs so that you can get a little alone time to really enjoy yourselves. Being a parent can be a rewarding but demanding job, so don’t feel guilty about wanting a bit of time off when you’re on vacation.

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