How to Be Single and Have Fun on Valentine’s Weekend

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Every year, February 14th and the weekend that follows, acts as a constant reminder to single people that they are still alone. There is no way to avoid this day of romance completely. Just going into the store and seeing all the candy and flowers on display is evidence that this day exists. Everything is about couples and so it is important to keep yourself busy as a singleton. No matter if you are feeling depressed and eating ice-cream or proud of your independent status, here are some of the best ways to enjoy the day in single style.


Online Gaming

These days, it is super easy to play casino games online. There is plenty of choice out there to distract you from the cheesy romantic Valentine’s festivities, especially when you can access sites with free spins and a no deposit bonus. Playing online slots or roulette is not just helping you by being a fun activity, but your mental abilities will also improve because you need to think fast. On top of all this, your hand-eye coordination is bound to improve.

But why play online when you could visit a real casino? After all, it’s Valentine’s Day and you may not want to venture outside. Playing from the comfort of your own home means there is no risk bumping into all those loved-up couples going to play a few games of chance to celebrate their love, and you save money from the taxi ride to the casino, which can go towards supplying a takeaway for your cosy night in.

TV Binge

Online gaming will undoubtedly take your mind off Valentine’s Day. If you do need something extra, grab some popcorn and a blanket, and start binging on your favorite movies and TV shows. With Netflix and Amazon at your fingertips, you will not get bored. There are so many shows that you can stream online to satisfy your appetite. Girls, get binging on anything from Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Games of Thrones, to The Vampire Diaries.



Single life affects people positively and in totally different ways to married life. Yeah, ok, there might always be some negative connotation about being single, but I bet you get a chance to exercise more and get together with friends more often when you are still independent. So how about going to the gym on Valentine’s Day? You can release your frustration that you are still single by hitting those punchbags, or if you are fiercely proud of your independent life, enjoy the feeling that you are burning the calories whilst those in couples will be regretting all the heart-shaped chocolates they ate the night before.

Girls’ Night 

Last, but certainly not least, gather your single girlfriends together and show some solidarity. A group makeover session, with Netflix and cookie dough at your place, or a wild night out in bars and clubs is sure to make your Valentine’s Day as a singleton an unforgettable one. So emulate Parks and Recreations’ Galentine’s day and become the new Leslie Knoppe – your girlfriends will be forever grateful!



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