The Dangers of DIY

Thanks to the many TV shows about home improvement, the fascination with DIY continues to grow each year.

Slater and Gordon personal injury solicitors surveyed more than 2000 Brits and discovered just how much awareness those living in the UK have about the dangers of DIY. When you’re not aware of potential risks, you can’t easily take the right steps to prevent them.

Unfortunately, the survey found that 48% of Brits are unconcerned about potential health risks associated with DIY projects.


One example is the use of chainsaws. If you’ve recently had a large storm come through, you’ll often have large branches dangling from trees. Chainsaws provide a great way to trim these, but they also have kickback. If you have an older chainsaw, you’ll need to get a replacement chain fitted to reduce the kickback, or invest in a new one which has safety features like a chain brake, trigger lockout and hand guard.

Many other DIY hazards can also be minimised by using some common sense. If you invest in hand protection, you can reduce the chance of injuring your hands. Most power tools are also louder than our ears can safely dictate, that means that if you don’t use ear protection, you’re at risk of hearing loss. And hearing loss caused by noise can’t be fixed with surgery or hearing aids.

Protective eyewear is also important. this stops foreign objects from flying up and hitting your eyes. Grinding and welding are two of the common ways that people receive eye injuries.

One of the reasons why people underestimate respiratory problems is because they often don’t appear right away. 45% of Brits said they would drill into their walls, and only 5% said that this is extremely risky for their health. Unfortunately, 22% said they would happily repair or replace an old garage or shed.

 If you’re planning to drill into your walls or make improvements to a garage or sheds, it’s crucial that you wear a mask. Asbestos is still in many homes, and if yours is 30-40 years old, you’ll need to take extra precautions. By wearing a face mask, you’ll protect yourself from smokes, sprays, gases, vapours, dusts, and fumes.

One of the biggest risks is Mesothelioma, a type of cancer which begins in the lining of your lungs. One of the biggest reasons why people end up with this cancer is because of asbestos in homes.

It’s also important to get some protective headwear when you’re planning DIY work. If you don’t, you’re risking injury or death from falling objects, and fixed surfaces. One of the worries about head injuries, is that it only takes a small hit in a certain part of your head to cause death. If you wear a hard hat, the force is greatly reduced, and what could have been life threatening will be much less severe.

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