The 3 Best Shopping and Browsing Experiences

Everyone knows that girls love to go shopping, even if the plan is only to buy one thing or just to look around – simply being in a store or seeing things that we could possibly buy is sufficient to keep us excited enough to enjoy it every time. Of course, if you have a lot to spend then shopping is much more fun, but the mere act of browsing is hard to resist when you have time for it. Most of us have been to local department stores, malls, plazas, flea markets, and other run-of-the-mill shopping outlets, but some shopping experiences are really on a next level. In particular, here are the top three shopping and browsing ideas that almost always make for an interesting day out.


1. Viewing Commercial Real Estate and Luxury Homes

Okay, so maybe you’re not legitimately trying to buy a motel right now, but nobody has to know that, and it’s not illegal for you to have a look what’s on the market. Call it research, call it browsing, call it whatever you want, but taking a tour of a luxury property is almost always fun. Obviously, you don’t want to overdo it by scheduling showings with agents when you have no intention of buying, but there’s nothing wrong with driving through upscale commercial sectors to peek at some of the top buildings for sale – if you’re ever browsing through the Hamptons, be sure to check out the amazing gardens of luxury designer Peter Marino.

2. Test Driving Elite Automobiles

Test driving luxury vehicles when you know you can’t afford them is definitely not a cool thing to do every weekend, but if you’ve never done it before there’s nothing wrong with trying it out once as an activity or date. You might even find yourself renting one for a day, or if you have decent credit you might be surprised to drive off with a newer model vehicle for a decent monthly lease payment. Whether you buy or not, at least you’ll get to take the wheel of a few elite automobiles and enjoy the ride.

3. Trying on and Buying Designer Clothing

What girl doesn’t like to go out and wear some of the latest and greatest fashions? We can shop for hours in a clothing boutique and come out with one single outfit, yet fully satisfied with the experience. Of course, every woman loves a full-fledged shopping spree as well, but even if you’re just looking for something fun to do with some spare time, heading to the mall to check out clothes is definitely an option.

Jewelry, Exotic Animals, and Other Fancy Things

Aside from the three fun shopping experiences listed above, we all know that jewelry is definitely a fun thing to buy and try on, and buying a rare pet is cool. However, they didn’t make the cut because let’s face it, they’re not as fun as viewing a luxury property, driving fast cars, and buying new clothes. They are, however, worthy of an honorable mention along with things like spa days, trips to the beach, and shopping for sunglasses.

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