Things you’ll only understand if you wear glasses

Many people know that wearing glasses is cool. You get to indulge a passion for fashion by matching your glasses to different outfits and of course they make you look smarter. Fashion aside, glasses do need a lot of care and they can often get in the way of tasks that those who don’t wear them take for granted.

The inconvenience of wearing glasses

While glasses at a touch of style to your appearance and, of course, help you see clearly, there are many times when people who wear them wish they didn’t have to. Keeping them clean can be a chore in itself. Even if you ordered top-notch, anti-smear lenses when you bought them, it is pretty much guaranteed that they will soon become dirty with smudged fingerprints and plain old dirt, so much so that you cannot see through them clearly.

Putting on makeup becomes a real challenge. If you are shortsighted, then you need to buy a magnifying mirror or get really close to an ordinary mirror just to apply eye shadow and mascara. But then, you may ask yourself, is there really any point putting on makeup, because no one will be able to see it through the glasses?


Like to work out or play sport? You can forget energetic movement in comfort if you wear glasses. Jump around to do your aerobic session or run to return that shot and your glasses are likely to jump straight off your face, and if you are really unlucky, break when they hit the ground. Your only alternative to this happening is to tie them to your head with a piece of string or elastic, which is perhaps not the most comfortable nor the most attractive look in the world.

Of course, people who are blessed with perfect vision will say you could switch to contact lenses, without really appreciating that not everyone is able to wear these wonderful inventions. Many people who refuse to wear contact lenses complain of dry eyes and headaches, while some cannot even bear the thought of putting them in.

For such people, there is another alternative, and that is laser surgery, such as that carried out by Nashville eye care. This is safe, routine surgery that uses a laser to cut a flap in the eye that will improve vision. Recovery times are incredibly quick, with improved vision being noticed as early as the next day.

Do you have to cook in your glasses? Then you know the frustration of opening up an oven to see how your food is doing, only to be unable to see anything because your lenses have misted up. Then there is the inconvenience, and cost, of having to wear two different pairs of glasses in summer, switching your frames from prescription glasses to sunglasses every time you pop in and out of buildings.

Glasses can be great fashion accessories but for those who have to wear them practically all the time, they can be a real pain. Maybe it is time to look into alternatives that will give you clear vision and eliminate the problems, big and small, that glasses can cause.

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