Tips for Traveling Around Europe

Europe is a great place to travel for many reasons, but I find it particular easy because the cities are relatively close together and it’s well built for public transport. Taking bus, train or plane between cities is very easy and most flights are under a few hours within Europe. This means within a short period of time you can visit many more places than might otherwise be possible when large distances are involved. Because of this ease of movement, as well as the rich culture, history, architecture and variety, Europe is really a travel gem. There are, however, small things you can do to make your trip to Europe even better, so read on for more tips:

1. Learn a Little Lingo

There are many places around the world where English is welcomed with open arms and big smiles, irregardless of whether it’s the native language there. In many parts of Europe, particularly in France, you’re going to find people who are very proud of their language and not particularly interested in speaking English, to the point of being very unhelpful. Out of respect, if you have the time and the curiosity, it would be worthwhile learning a few phrases to help get you buy. Duolingo is a fun and free app for your smartphone or computer that can help you learn some bits and pieces quickly.


2. Make Sure You Have Health Insurance Sorted

Whether you’re traveling from overseas and require international travel insurance, or traveling from within the EEA and have your EHIC card, it’s important that you’ve got all your paperwork in order. We never want to think about what can go wrong on holiday, after all it’s a holiday and often the most anticipated time of year. However, life happens regardless of what we have planned. As such, I highly suggest ensuring your health is covered. If you’re from one of the EEA countries, or from Switzerland, ensure that you have your EHIC card present with you while traveling as without it you may be refused free or discounted healthcare. Has your EHIC expired? The EHIC Card Renew has never been easier and now you can apply online.

3. Go Back in Time

My favourite things about Europe are often the oldest. The beautiful castles and cathedrals, the old bridges and cobblestoned streets, the culture and food. Take a bit of time to go back in time and enjoy the long history that Europe has to offer. I use websites like Tripadvisor to look through the top attractions and try to add in a few cultural things to every place I visit, it gives me a chance to appreciate the rich history.

4. Eat Well

The food in Europe is so diverse that you could spend years eating your way around all the traditional dishes. However, each country tends to have one or two unmissable things, so try to add them to the menu. For Portugal one of my favourite things was the famous egg tart, in Hungary it was some hearty goulash. Make sure you take the time to explore Europe with your taste buds too as you’ll be surprised by the variety. Just make sure to pack some good walking shoes so you can try to burn off some of the calories.

Europe is a wonderful place to explore and with these simple tips I’m sure you’ll have a trip of a lifetime.

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