Tips and Tricks to the Perfect Photo

The rise of excellent cameras and smartphones has turned many people into budding photographers. Photos capture memories from travel, special occasions, and everyday activities that we can refer back to and enjoy the nostalgia. If you’ve been wanting to improve your photography, here are some tips and tricks to the perfect photo:

Taking photos of others:

Choose a focus

Deciding where you’ll focus you’re attention is half the battle, so choosing the most interesting part of a scene allows you to frame the shot in a specific way, omitting distractions.

Be Ready

One of the best things about having constant access to smaller cameras and photos is that we can often capture scenes quickly, without having to remember to carry bulky camera equipment. Sometimes taking the best photo is about lucky, and being ready to shoot when the perfect opportunity arrives.

Taking photos of yourself:

Check your makeup

With the rise of the selfie, it’s natural to want to ensure that you’re taking the best photos of yourself. Check that your makeup is a perfect match, since makeup that is too pale will be obvious when the flash hits your skin, and be sure to blend down into your neck to avoid harsh lines.

Open up your eyes

Curl your lashes and apply mascara to open up your eyes, which are the focal point of photos. The more open they look, the more light will hit them.


You don’t need to look like Kim Kardashian to take a great selfie, but adding some blush and bronzer can give your face depth and shape it the way you like.

Use a light background

Standing in front of a light-coloured wall helps to brighten your face and can also help the automatic settings on your phone find the best colour balance, ensuring that your skin doesn’t look too yellow or pink.

Use the Focus

Did you know you can use your smartphone to focus on your face? Simply touch the part of the screen you want to focus on and you’ll avoid looking blurry.

Snap from above

Photos taken from above are simply more flattering, and help you avoid the double chin you’ll often see if you take one from too low. Another good way to elongate your neck is to push your head slightly forward, relax your shoulders and tilt your chin down.

Check your teeth

We all want sparkling, white teeth so we smile wide in photos. If you know your teeth need some work, visit Smile to get them sorted.

Find some light

Instead of standing directly underneath a light (risking weird shadows), find natural light like a window or soft light from a lamp to create a more flattering glow.

Think of something funny

Instead of giving your best fake smile and cringing afterwards, think of something truly funny. A nice natural smile looks much better and you can always tell who is smiling because they’re having fun and who is simply moving their mouth.

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