Top tips for a healthy relationship

After a year or two, even the most passionate relationship can grow stale. If you’re wondering how you can ensure the success of your relationship, and keep it healthy, here are some top tips:

Revisit the honeymoon period

As the weeks, months, and years roll on, it’s easy to spend most nights in sweatpants, watching TV and eating takeout. You also tend to lose your understanding, thoughtfulness, and patience, getting lazy in the relationship. This is perfectly normal, but it can definitely spell trouble if not addressed. Now’s the time to think back to the honeymoon period, when you would spend time doing exciting things together. Introduce a few of these activities back into your relationship- maybe that means going out with a group of friends or trying a variety of outdoor sports. Whatever it was, channel this time in your relationship again to prevent it from growing stale.


Look for the best

It’s easy to get caught up in all the things your partner does to annoy you, but this can also be a self-fulfilling prophecy- why would they want to be their best for you if you’re continually finding fault? Research has shown that we notice the behavior we look for, so if you’re not actively looking for signs that your partner is loving and kind, you’re unlikely to see it. The way you interpret and think about your partner’s behavior, intentions, and words will impact how you feel and understand situations with them- impacting how you’re behaving toward them as well.

Make a list of all the things your partner does to make you happy. You may even want to spend a week paying attention to these actions so you can get into the right mind frame and see them when they’re happening.

Do it together

If you and your partner have things you’d like to improve on in your relationship, you’ll need to make a conscious effort to work on it together. Whether you try, consider couples counselling, or even read a book like the 5 Love Languages, you’ll have the greatest chance of success if you put in a team effort.

Be a team

Speaking of teamwork, it’s important to recognize that you and your partner are a team. If you’re someone who is constantly talking down about your partner behind their back, now is the time to stop. They deserve openness and honesty, which means if you have a problem you should speak with them directly. When you speak negatively about your partner to your friends and family members, they’ll eventually begin to think negatively about them as well. And that won’t do your relationship any favours.

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