Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

There are many reasons to consider having a destination wedding. You may want to keep your guest list small, you may have a significant tie to the destination, or you may be looking to save money. Destination weddings in Greece and other exotic locations can be incredible for all who attend, but there are a few things you need to know before you begin planning.

Here are some tips for planning a destination wedding:

Choose the right spot

The location of your wedding will not only determine the mood (beachy, sophisticated, rustic), but also the budget and travel time required for both you and your guests. Whether you decide to have a Mykonos wedding or a Michigan wedding will depend on a number of different factors. Consider where your proposal happened, the things you like to do as a couple, vacations you’ve taken in the past, and whether your friends and family members will need to save for a while in order to attend.


Find the right time

Unfortunately, tourist season correlates with the best weather in most wedding destinations. This also means higher rates, fewer venue and hotel availabilities, and more crowds. If you’re thinking of having a destination wedding, be sure to reserve room blocks and book your venue as soon as you can. You may be able to save some serious moolah and still have great weather if you opt for shoulder season instead.

Give plenty of notice

Most people have 9-5 jobs, so will need to apply for leave for a destination wedding. Not to mention, you may find that many of your guests use this as an opportunity to have a much-deserved vacation as well. That’s why you’ll ideally want to send out your save the dates at least a year in advance so they have plenty of time to save, plan, and get leave from work.

Visit the destination

If you can, take at least one planning trip to your destination. This will be your chance to find and book the best venue, talk to suppliers, and choose photographers, florists, and caterers. This may seem daunting, but there are a number of planning services that can help connect you with thousands of resorts and hotels.

Are you planning a destination wedding? Or have you already had one? What are your top tips? Leave a comment below and let our readers know.

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