Top ways to keep boredom at bay this weekend

Not sure what to do this weekend? I don’t know about you, but the weekends when I don’t have any plans and just seem to hang out actually end up going faster than the ones where I make an effort to have fun. Before I know it, it’s Monday and it feels like I haven’t had a weekend.

If this sounds like you, why not make some plans for this weekend? That doesn’t need to mean being super active, but having a few fun activities up your sleeve will help you get the most out of your weekend and go back to work feeling refreshed on Monday.

Here are some good ways you can keep boredom at bay this weekend:

Download some great apps

How long has it been since you cleared your phone of those apps you never use and found some great new apps to download? Technology continues to get better and better, and app developers are bringing their A-games so we can have everything we need right at our fingertips.

Consider downloading a video streaming app or browse some of the top live stream apps in your free time.


Get outside

Spring has finally sprung, and it has been a long time coming! If you’re hoping to make the most of your weekend, why not make a conscious effort to get outside and enjoy the sunshine? Whether you feel like taking a long walk, getting some friends together for a picnic, or hitting a rooftop bar for a few drinks, getting outside will give you some much-need vitamin D- especially if you’ve just gone through a long, cold winter.

Learn something

When was the last time you pushed your brain? While you may feel mentally exhausted after work, taking the time to learn something new is not only great for your brain, but it gives you a great goal to work towards. Whether you’re hoping to finally learn how to cook, pick up a new language, or take up a new sport, make this weekend the weekend you finally stop talking about it and start making it happen.

Get social

During winter, we all forgive each other for bailing on social occasions in favor of Netflix and our couches. But now that it’s finally warming up, it’s about time you reconnected with those friends you may not have seen for months. Organise a dinner, potluck, or even coffee so you can catch up with some of the people you may not have spent much time with during the cooler months.

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