What do our Dreams Mean?

Dreams have been studied for a long time, as psychologists and other mental health professionals try to understand the relation between our conscious and subconscious minds.

While dreaming isn’t essential for our body to survive, when it comes to our mental development, dreams allow us to process things that have happened to use during the day, and we can play out our puzzling or painful experiences or emotions in a safe place.

There are a few myths about analysing dreams, such as the idea that there is a stringent set of rules that need to be followed. While it’s true that some symbols may have certain meanings, dreams should be analysed based on the larger context of what it is that people are going through and dealing with at that point in time.

A dream that I often have, involves me running from something. Sometimes I’m not sure exactly what I’m running from, while other times I know that it’s the “bad guys”. Usually, it’s my job to save other people in this situation, and sometimes these are people I know well, sometimes it’s people I only know a little such as someone I went to school with but wasn’t friends with, and sometimes they’re complete strangers.

Often, as I’m trying to save these people, it feels like herding cats. What I mean is, everyone is completely dependent on me to get out safely, and I have no backup helping me. Sometimes I’ll end up alone and running for my life.

I have these types of dreams so often that I’ve spent some time researching what they could mean, so I can better understand why I seem to have them. Most websites suggest that if I’m dreaming of running away it could mean that there’s something in my life I find difficult and I would rather run away than have to face up to it.

Other sources suggested that I’m feeling trapped, need to make the most out of my life, and when I dream of escaping successfully it’s a positive omen and means that success will soon be mine.

When it comes to the part where I try to save people, there are conflicting answers. Some suggest that it could be that I’m trying to protect other people from my own worst tendencies and habits, or protect my own dreams and hopes from my negative feelings and doubts, while it could also suggest that I’m ready for increased responsibilities.

I would be hugely interested to know what these dreams mean in relation to my own life and experiences, since I seem to experience them at least once very few months.

It turns out that there are some common dreams that many people will experience throughout their lives. Being chased is the most common dream in the world, and most dream analysts agree that it means you’re being challenged and could be running away from responsibilities or are ready to embrace them.

Surprisingly, many people dream of a house being flooded or set on fire. This isn’t something that I’ve experienced, although one of the other common dreams I have is the one about terrorist attacks (this goes hand in hand with the running and saving people). Apparently this is often due to work situations that are high-pressure (something that I would for sure agree with lately) and it can also be that people in real life are making unreasonable and sudden demands on your resources and time.

I love analysing dreams, as I feel that it can often give us a great amount of insight into our feelings about our lives, which can in turn help us examine our goals.

Adjustamatic is currently running a #dreamsexplained campaign, and Ian Wallace, one of the top dream psychologists will be finding 5 dreams which will be included in his analysis. Keep an eye out for more dream posts!

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