When to use a Handyman

Sure, there are plenty of jobs around your home that you could probably do yourself, however it can be hard to know when you should tackle a task, and when you should get a professional to do it.

Here are some benefits of hiring a handyman, and some examples of when you should hire a professional instead of doing it yourself:


Sure, you can hang artwork yourself, but it can actually get surprisingly complicated. Firstly, art should be hung at a certain height so it catches the eye of people in your home, and secondly, if the art happens to be heavy (say a decorative mirror) there’s a good chance it needs to be hung over a stud to keep everyone safe. Handymen can also ensure that it’s all level, meaning you won’t be continually readjusting every time you walk past the art.



Paint touch-ups can be tricky, and you’ll find that they can also make your house feel brand new again once you’ve covered up those scuffs you’ve been hiding with furniture, wall marks from the kids, or paw marks from the dog. If you do it yourself, you’ll either be tempted to slap on a coat of paint and hope for the best, or will be spending precious time cleaning, repairing, priming and everything else that needs to be done. Sometimes it’s best to leave it to a handyman in Kansas City, or one near you!


Sure, a light bulb is easy to change, but a light fixture…not so much. Whether it’s a fan with a light attached or a statement chandelier, it’s a good idea to let a handyman handle it unless you want to risk being electrocuted.



If you’re trying to make your place look a little more impressive, you may know that faucets are a cheap way to get a new look. It can be tempting to do this yourself, however this is technically a small plumbing job, meaning it’s a good idea to get a handyman to do this instead of giving it a good go yourself.


We all know that gutters need to be cleaned since they protect your landscaping, foundation and roof, while controlling the flow of rainfall. If you’ve got time to find a ladder and gloves, climb up onto your roof and scoop everything out, then by all means, get up there after every major storm, but if you value your time (and safety), now’s the time to call a handyman.


This is a big one, especially if you’ve shopped at IKEA. You can either spend hours trying to read directions and fit that screw into that particular hole before throwing your hands up and having a meltdown, or you can pay someone to quickly and easily do the hard work for you, saving you and your partner from a fight the size of World War III.

As you can see, there are many times when you should just use a handyman. If you have a to-do list the size of your arm, now’s the time to get it done.

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