What You Can Do with a Degree in Social Science

If you’d like a career in which your main goal would be to help a person get through a challenging time, taking a Social Science degree could be the best thing you ever do. To discover what specific career pathways you could go down with such a qualification, make sure to read on.

You can become a psychologist

You could use your Social Science degree to enter the field of psychology. In this industry, you would devote your time to working with people, be them individually or in groups, to help them overcome behavioral issues and problems pertaining to the psychology that underpins them. Your day-to-day life would see you observe a number of processes, from the cognitive to the emotional to the social, your goal being to help your patients improve certain aspects of their lives.

If you wish to go down the psychology route, your Social Sciences degree should relate heavily to areas such as social psychology and the psychology of aging.


You can become a teacher of Social Sciences

The people that you help with your degree could be people just like you, Social Science students, as, with such a qualification, you could very well become a teacher of the subject. In order to follow this particular career path, however, you have to be conscious of every decision you make, even when you’re deciding what particular program to enroll yourself on. First and foremost, you need to ensure that you choose a course that will truly broaden your understanding of Social Science. By taking the Bachelor of Social Science degree online offered by Assumption College, for example, you would be able to take a cluster of liberal arts classes, some of which include:

  • Ethics
  • History
  • Foreign Languages
  • Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Science
  • Philosophy
  • Theology
  • Writing

By taking such a cluster of classes, you’d learn a wider range pertaining to the subject as a whole, which would stand you in good stead to, one day, impart your knowledge to the younger generation.

You can enter the criminal justice sector

If you have a real interest in the criminal justice sector, then why not use your Social Science degree to help you forge a career in it for yourself? If you do, on a day-to-day basis you could find yourself doing anything from working with the victims of crime to working with criminals who are currently stuck in the prison system but are looking and willing to make a change. In this instance, you would put your understanding of how certain people work to good use, regardless of whether you specialized in juvenile delinquency or white-collar crime during your time studying.

The social sciences field is one in which options are widespread and varied. By entering this industry with a degree from an accredited educational institution, you would come face-to-face with a plethora of vocational choices, all of which help someone in some form. If that’s not reason enough for you to take a degree in Social Sciences, then what is?

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