How You Can Have More Money Than You Ever Thought Possible

Some people say that money is the root of all evil. However, thinking of money this way can cause you to put up blocks that stop it from coming to you. The truth is, we can all have more money than we ever thought possible. There’s nothing wrong with wanting money. It can bring us security and a comfortable life. We can give our families everything they’ve ever wanted with enough money. How can you have more than you ever thought possible? Read on to find out…


Start Being More Thankful For The Things You Have

Instead of focusing on the lack of money or things you want, start being more thankful for the things you have. Many people will tell you that focusing on the things you have and being grateful for them is a great way to attract more money into your life. You need to get out of the lack mindset and into the abundance mindset to have more money. Pay no mind to things you don’t have (yet) and only focus on that you do. Make sure you even think and speak like you have the money you want. You don’t need to ‘lie’, but be careful about the words you use. They are more powerful than you could ever imagine!

Spend Money Gratefully

When you spend money, spend it gratefully. Whether it’s a new pair of shoes or a bill, be grateful that you have the money to buy these things. Stop resenting paying your bills. Know that there’s always going to plenty of money. Know that you have enough, and that the universe always has your back! Stop seeing it as a burden, and bills as something you hate. They keep a roof over your head and food in your mouth!

Find Ways You Can Save More Money

Are there any ways you can save more money? There are so many easy ways to do this, from changing bill providers to using eBay vouchers. These are simple ways that don’t create the attitude of lack. They simply help you to have more money for other things!

Don’t Be Tightfisted

You should never be tightfisted with your money. Although you want more of it, being tightfisted suggests that you are lacking. It isn’t the abundance mindset you need to be in. Don’t go out giving all of your money away or wasting your money, but don’t be afraid to give a little to charity, or treat yourself to a coffee.

Set Goals For Your Money

Having money goals should help to keep you focused when it comes to saving. Know your numbers and stick to a plan! This should be fun, so make it fun. It should never feel like work.

Work On Any Blocks You Have Surrounding Money

We all have some form of block surrounding money. This is due to things we have picked up from when we were small. Figure out what your blocks are and work on them to let money flow to you more easily!

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