How to Handle the Finances with Your Beloved without Tension

Love and relationships are usually associated with something spiritual and emotional. In reality, it is not only about feelings. There are a lot of daily questions that a couple has to face. The way you handle them may influence a lot your common future.
The money question is one of the most important topics to discuss. Yet, handling the finances could be more awkward than talking about sex. A lot of couples admit that the money talk often becomes the reason for arguing. Choosing to avoid it is not the best solution either.
Here are some tips how to deal with finance discussions without jeopardizing your relationships.

Love Costs
The money questions start to arise from the very beginning of the relationships. Anyone who has ever dated knows that roses, teddy bears, and other cute presents could be quite expensive, especially on

Valentine’s Day.
When you recall about your first kiss anniversary in the last minute you might need the extra money very fast. Fortunately, there are services like online loans at North’n’Loans that might help you to find the necessary amount of money for the present and avoid disappointing your partner.

To prevent the quarrels, it is better to discuss on what dates you are supposed to make gifts and how big they should be. It will help you to match the expectations.


Common Expenses
When you pass the stage of roses and chocolates and start to spend more time together, you begin to have common expenses. A trip for the weekend, couples’ subscription in a gym, a vacation together and other things that need to be paid by both of you will make you think how to split the bills.

Try to discuss how much each one should contribute and make sure that both partners are comfortable with the final decision. It is better to find the agreement on this stage of the relationships. If you manage to do this, you will be ready for planning the family budget in the future.

Family Budget

Once you start to live together, you will have more and more common expenses and eventually, it will lead to one budget for a couple. On this stage, it is not enough to discuss how much every partner should provide. It is necessary to take into consideration the incomes and also additional money that may occur, such as the help from the parents or salary raise.

Try being honest about your desires. It is not obligatory to fully merge your money, just decide to what point they should stay separate.

Financial Independence
Hidden unplanned expenses often cause quarrels. There are times when buying a pair of designer shoes or a video game leads to a scandal. A certain amount of financial independence will allow avoiding these unpleasant situations. While having common expenses, you are still two people with their own interests and hobbies. Keeping small separate bank accounts might be a good idea.

Another way to get some independence is to agree about a monthly amount that each partner can spend as he wants without any questions. There are a lot of variants that have only one thing in common. The personal expenses should not be hidden. Consider coming to an agreement about them in advance.

Keep It Calm

The most important thing about handling couple finances is to discuss them. It does not seem so complicated before you actually start doing it. The emotions can mess up any money talk and drive you away from the topic. To avoid this, try to express your desires in a written form and stick to them during the conversation.

It is even possible to exchange these papers with your partner before the discussion. You might overreact when you read it, but you will have time to calm down and think it trough.The first stormy reaction will not affect your couple.

Some people might be afraid that money discussions will kill all the romance. However, the real relationships killer is the silence. The hidden discontents about money might lead to a breakup. Be sure, if you learn how to handle your couple finances, you will be able to deal with anything.

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