Why Rome should be your next family getaway

When booking a family holiday, it’s usually beaches, waterparks and woodland camping than spring to mind, but you and your family are missing out on a world of adventure with city breaks – in particular, a place like Rome. Rich in culture, steeped in history, and packed with attractions to suit every age range, how could you possibly resist this charming city at the heart of Italy? If you still need a few more reasons why Rome is perfect for families though, read on…

The Italians love kids

Rome is a fantastic environment for children. Vibrant, warm and welcoming to families, the Italians love children, and you’ll never find a restaurant that looks down on a baby crying or a toddler talking to the waiting staff. There’s a multitude of family-friendly hotels with a wide variety of facilities to suit all budgets, but the best part is their location. You’ll find most of them to be only a stone’s throw from some of the best attractions that the city has to offer, so you won’t need to worry about trekking back to the hotel if you’ve forgotten any baby essentials, or if the kids just need a rest.

The Roman Forum Italy Rome

It makes history fun for all

History lessons in Rome are decidedly more interactive, with ancient structures and catacombs just waiting for children and adults alike to explore. Start by taking your family to the Colosseum where gladiatorial battles were once held, the Roman Forum which would once have been alive with the buzz of ancient citizens, and the iconic Pantheon temple. There are also plenty of excursions you’ll be able to take the kids on, such as a trek up Palatine Hill, one of the most ancient and well-preserved parts of Rome.

They can learn about a new culture

You don’t just have to content yourself with old buildings though; if your children are more into the arts and entertainment, you’ll have everything from fine art galleries, museums and classical concerts in Rome to choose from. St Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel are must-see attractions for art lovers, home to some of the finest examples of Renaissance art that the world has ever known. Or, if your kids need a sunshine break, have a picnic amongst the stunning gardens of Villa Borghese, before making your way around the period building and museum.

You won’t be short of places to eat

Travelling with children can often mean travelling with a crew of picky eaters. Luckily for you, there are countless restaurants serving authentic Italian cuisine made from fresh, local ingredients, perfect for growing bodies. You could even take them to the popular food market Campo de’ Fiori, so that they can sample the sights and smells of Italy for themselves. But don’t forget, Rome has been influenced by many different peoples over the years, so dozens of foreign taste sensations can also be discovered.

Has today’s post convinced you to book your next family holiday in Rome?

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