Logbook Loans – Are They A Good Deal?

You are in need of a loan and have started to look at Logbook Loans.  It’s a great start.  But we are going to start off by giving you a fright.  While a Logbook Loan is quick and easy, and provided you have the right paperwork, a loan that will be approved, it is also a loan that comes with risks.  Because a logbook loan is a short term loan, your risks are higher than normal. And if you happen to do a late repayment, or no repayments, you can land yourself in even more serious financial trouble.

You can put your car at risk.  You could lose your car!

But-if you are still reading this, you are probably already having serious financial problems.  And you need to know, the above few sentences are the worst you are going to read!

It’s all informative from here on, and also, all very positive.  Logbook Loans, a UK based company specialising in loans against motor vehicles, is a responsible and reputable loan company that has your best interests at heart.


A Logbook Loan is a good way to get a quick loan.  It’s also a fairly easy way to get a quick loan and to get cash in the bank.  All you need is a motor vehicle that belongs to you, records of registration, a copy of your ID, proof of residence and proof of income.  You need to be eighteen years of age and above, live in the UK, Scotland or Wales and – own a car.

Go and have a look at logbook-loans.net website.  It is an exceptionally well designed site that gives you all the information you need on a Logbook Loan, step by step directions, and lists the benefits as well as the risks.

Once you have applied for the loan, which you can do online or in one of the many Logbook Loan offices, it will take up to just 24 hours for approval.  Your car may need to be evaluated and then an assessor or underwriter will approve your loan.  Once approved, money is in your bank quickly and the good news – you still get to drive your car.

A car is a valuable asset.  A house is probably your biggest asset, if you own one, a car comes next.  If you use Google, you will see that most people who need loans get loans against their cars.  And as long as the car is genuinely yours, fully (or mostly) owned, and you have all the correct paperwork, the loan is seamless.

Logbook Loans are a responsible lender.  Likewise, you need to be a responsible loaner.  Go through all the terms and conditions.  Ensure that you can pay the money back at the rate or amount that you sign up to. If you have misgivings, don’t do it! Stay away.  Find another option.  Or talk to your assessor to try and find another option.  Work out loan rates that suit you and that you will be comfortable repaying.  If you cannot pay back your loan, you risk losing your car.

Logbook Loans will do everything to help you, and really minimise the risk of you losing your car. They want to see you get back on top of your financial situation.  As long as you give honest information about your income, provide the correct payslips and / or bank statements, it is unlikely you will get into trouble.  Work out, together with Logbook Loans, a payback system that works in your favour and that you can manage. Get on top of things with a Logbook Loan.

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