Real Ways to Save on High-End Clothes

You may see friends or people around the office who wear beautiful, luxury clothes and wonder how they manage it. How can they afford to dress so well, even when they might be on a somewhat limited budget? And you probably also wonder how you can manage the same thing.

Is it possible to wear designer, high-end and luxury clothes, even if pricing and budget are top priorities?

The short answer is yes if you know how to shop.

The following are some smart shopping strategies that can help you have the wardrobe of your dreams, even if you don’t have a huge budget.

Give Yourself a Cooling Off Period

If you’re shopping and you see something you like in the store or even on a website, wait a few days before you actually buy it. Having a high-end wardrobe is about choosing pieces that are timeless and make you feel good as much as it is choosing the right designers. So, if you see something that seems like you can’t live without it, wait a few days. If you’re still lusting after it, you might go ahead and buy it. Otherwise, it probably wasn’t worth spending money on.


Take Advantage of Flash Sale Sites

Flash sale sites have become incredibly popular with online shoppers in recent years, and that’s for good reason. These sites like HauteLook and Gilt let shoppers find exclusive and very limited time deals on high-end clothing, shoes, and accessories. You can find pieces that are from top designers for a significant amount less than you would pay at a traditional retailer.

Sign Up to Receive Alerts on Sales

You might hate getting junk mail, but it can be valuable if you love beautiful clothes and also finding deals. You can sign up for emails directly from retailers, or you can sign up for third-party sites that offer information on sales, coupons and promo codes. For example, if you like shopping Zivame, you can sign up to receive notifications about when they’re having a sale, or when they have the best coupon codes. You’ll get the information delivered directly to your inbox, requiring minimal effort on your part.

Shop Luxury Consignment Shops

Even if you don’t have a great luxury consignment shop in your neighborhood, there are plenty of high-end resellers online where you can go to find amazing deals on everything from Chanel bags to Louboutin pumps. These sites are where individuals go to sell their unwanted designer duds, and as the buyer, you get deals you’re not likely to find anywhere else. Plus, the seller has to let potential customers know any and all flaws the item might have, so you don’t have to worry about getting something unexpected.

Shop Off-Season

As a final note to wrap up this list of ways to save on high-end, luxury clothing, try shopping off-season. Rather than buying that expensive coat right before winter, wait until summer. Then, you can gradually build the wardrobe you want over time, and save money in the process.




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