Top tips to maximise your property’s selling potential

DIY & Décor

when it comes to showcasing your property to buyers is it paramount to improve the standard of the décor by creating a perfect finish, so that buyers will be able to see themselves in the property if they bought it and it also shows a degree of quality from the outset as first impressions are essential. You need to give each room a fresh and neutral look that is almost brand new. Small details like a fresh coat of paint on the walls and simplistic yet at the same time effective décor will help your potential buyers to envisage a life within the property as the key is to make the feel some sense of belonging or attachment to the property. Don’t rule out redecorating as it can be very cost effective, a professional painter can do the job for around £100 it won’t break the bank and it will help the whole house with that fresh look; but don’t forget it can be easily done yourself with a few pots of paint and some elbow grease.

The Garden

The garden of a property can heavily influence someone’s choice to buy, this maybe be due to the fact they have children and this is a space for them to play for alternatively they want space to add a feature to the property. Because of this it is essential that any outside areas are kept neat and tidy… Sometimes this is as simple as just mowing the lawn and a fresh lick of paint on the fences to keep with the clean look on the inside of the house. Adding outdoor features like a patio heater and some chairs can really make a huge difference as again the buyer can imagine living in this space and the potential of what can be achieved here.

Property potential

Your property’s potential value is very closely linked to its current condition. You need to be thinking about if the internal and external space can be transformed into a better space or if there are any features or elements of the space that may degrade the desirability to someone else. A few of the questions you should be prepared for are Is there room to extend the building? Does it have planning permission to do so? Can planning permission be attained for work? Is there anything that needs replacing for example the boiler? Knowing this information is very important as it helps to sell the property to the buyer as after all they are making a huge investment and they need to know if this property is right for them in the long run.

Broadband & Phone signal

Living in the 21st century the technological impact within the world has changed the way that people look at properties. Interconnectedness is a huge part of peoples life and they like to feel a part of something so knowing the mobile phone and internet providers that provide the best speeds and signals in your property is absolutely essential, also knowing if you require additional phone lines or a booster to get good signal can help with the decision process when the buyer is viewing.

Traditional estate agents can charge up to 2.5% of the sale value of your property. Selling your property via an Online Estate Agent such as can also help to maximize the return on your property as most now charge a flat fee of around £500. So, depending on the sale value of your property this could save you thousands

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